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Shree Jagannatha Dasara Aaradhane – Sept 4th 2022

Shree Jagannatha Dasara Purva Aaradhane at Manvi picture from twitter.

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Sri JagannathaDasaru (1728-1809) from Maanvi Aaradhane is on Bhadrapada Sukla Navami.

Sri Jagannatha Dasaru is considered as SaHlaAda (brother of Prahlada RaAyaru) amsha whose poorvasrama name was Srinivasacharya.

Sri Puranadara Dasaru – Sri Vijaya Dasaru – Sri Jagannatha Dasaru and Sri Gopala Dasaru together are called DaAsa Chatushtaya – the four stalwarts of Haridasa tradition, who have played a significant role in spreading the philosophy of Hari sarvottama – VaAyu Jeevottama.

HarikathaMruthasAra composed by Sri Jagannatha Dasaru is a jewel in the crown of his literary works which is considered as an essence of Dvaita-TattvavaAda Madhva philosophy.

It contains 32 cantos having 988 poems in a highly poetic/literary style meant for novice understanding of common man; It contains the essence of Vedas/Upanishads/Bhagawadgita in a poetic style.

Sri Jagannatha Dasaru has emphasized on Taratamya in his composition HarikathamruthasaAra in as many as seven chapters.

  1. Guna Taratamya Sandhi (chapt. 20)

2. Aarohanaanukramanikaa Taaratamya Sandhi (chapt.25)

3. Avarohanaanukramanikaa Taaratamya Sandhi (chapt.26)

4. Anukramanikaa Taaratamya Sandhi ( Chapter – 27)

5. Anu Taaratamya Sandhi (chapter – 29) >

6. Daitya Taaratamya Sandhi (chapter – 30) >

7. Devataa Taaratamya or Kaksha Taaratamya Sandhi (chapter – 32)

Knowledge of panchabhEda & tAratamya is very imp. for those who aspire for moksha. This is the very basis of madhvasiddhAntha. Knowledge of tAratamya among dEvata-s & daitya-s is like ‘dAvashiki’ (forest fire). This fire burns away all heaps of paApa (forest of pApa-s) done by us.

Knowledge of tAratamya is like a boat which helps the Jeeva to cross the ocean of saMsAra; This knowledge is like the steps to reach vaikunTa.

Secret of tAratmaya must be shared only with bhagavad bhakta-s – If we try to explain to others (ayOgya-s) it would be a waste of our time and not yield results, it is useless. This must be explained only to those who are entitled for the same.

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