Bhaganna Becomes Gopala Dasaru – Part 2

P.S: Gopala Dasara Aaradhane – Jan 14th Saturday USA, Jan 15th India

Part 1 in case you missed :

Gopala dasaru’s first name was Bhaganna, popularly known as ‘Bhaktana in Bhakti‘, there is not much information about the life of Gopaladasaru. The only reliable source is ‘Gopala Vithalara Charitara Pada‘ written by Gopala dasaru’s brother Ranga dasaru. A few things are also known from the works of Gopala dasaru. Along with these, the popular stories about Gopaladasru can be checked.

Gopaladasaru  was born in 1721 at Masarukalli in Devadurga Taluk of Raichur District. His father was Murari, his mother Venkamma, his grandfather – Mudgallappa, Bhaganna was the eldest, and he had three brothers namely Dasappa, Sheenappa and Rangappa. They also belong to Dasakuta. They were an ordinary farmer family. His ancestors were not versed in Shastras or puranas. 

After the death of his father, Murari’s property was dissolved. Mother Venkamma brought the children to Sankapur as life became difficult. He came to Uttanoor after seven years. An abandoned hut outside the town became their abode. Venkamma used to go from house to house begging and raising children. She prayed to the teachers of that town and educated her children. Bhaganna’s Upanayana took place with the son of Shanubhoga Gundappa of Sankapur. Sermons, agnikarya, gayatri mantras were all held. People were surprised to see that Bhaganna, who was like a normal child before, was acting like a learned  miracle man.

A significant change took place in Bhaganna’s life after seeing Vijaya dasaru. It was Bhaganna who received initiation from Vijaya dasaru and got the title ‘Gopala Vithala‘ and became Gopala dasa. There is a record in Chippagiri about the year when the inscription was granted. According to it ‘Kshayanama Samvatsara Margashira Shuddha Tayodashi Friday Ashwini Nakshatra Hanumanteva Vrata Sangam Kalavu’ means AD. In 1746 Gopaladasari was given an inscription.

After this Gopaladasa started composing hundreds of songs, ugabhoga’s and suladis. Later he also initiated his brothers. Dasappa, Seenappa, Rangappa got the titles ‘Gurugopal’, ‘Varadagopal’ and ‘Tande Gopala’ respectively. Thus, not only Gopaladasa but also his three brothers contributed to Haridasa literature Important point.

To be continued ……

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