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ಯಾಕೆ ಮೂಕನಾದ್ಯೋ ಗುರುವೆ Yake Mukanadyo Guruve Meaning

I have posted the lyrics for this song in 2011. Truly unbelievable that this blog has been around for almost 15+ years now. There were so many who asked for the meaning. Few days back Ashwim Avaru asked the meaning for this song. I had faintly remembered my Mother telling me why Sri Jagannatha Dasaru had composed this song. No way I can go back and talk to my Mom now, so validated with my Father.

The lyrics can be found here :

The incident truly brings tears. If you look at the Sri Jagannatha Dasaru page I have created, I mention he was Prahalada’s brother Sahlada in his previous birth.

Rayaru is said to have appeared from Brindavana and talked to Jagannatha Dasaru whenever he worshiped and prayed to him at Mantralaya. This exchange continued for several days. When a follower observed this exchange, he started questioning Jagannatha dasaru about what he was talking to Rayaru. After word of this exchange slowly spread among other devotees, they asked Jaganatha Dasaru to talk to Rayaru in front of them. When Jaganatha Dasaru started talking, Rayaru stopped talking to him.
Jagannatha Dasaru, was in agony, cried out and pleaded for an explanation why Rayaru had refused to speak. And that’s how this amazing composition was composed.

Why did you become silent Guruve Why did you become silent?

Why did you become silent the one who protects people around the world

Who will support me if you become silent?

Previously, you played with me hand in hand and conversed with me, why are you making me a fool in front of all these people?

If you didn’t want to protect me, why did you even hold my hand? Why did you push me within these evil people?

If you don’t protect me now, how will I cross this ocean of life?

You are the most forgiving person I know, and I am the greatest sinner. How can you with your goodness abandoning me?

You are my creator, how can you abandon me?

I have always believed in you, if you abandaon me who is going to protect me?

I have always trusted in you and looked to you for protection. Who would care after me if you were to leave?

Why did you become silent Guruve Why did you become silent?




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