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Reminiscing Past Three days

The previous three days, beginning on Thursday, have been full with happiness that I will keep recalling throughout my life. I have never in my whole life—not even when I lived in India—been able to celebrate the Aaradhanes of three Great Yatigalu the way I did in North Carolina.

Thursday like you all know was Aaradhana Of Sri Sudheendra Theertharu – Nava Brindavana. We did Pooje at home, and evening went to the SKV, NC temple. My Friend Padma joined me and we did bhajane Thursday evening. Recited songs from this blog.

Friday, was Aaradhana Of Sri Vadirajara Theertharu – Sonda. The temple had recital of Lakshmi Shobhane and several women joined and we sang Lakshmi Shobhane. Padma and I once again did bhajane of all Sri Vadiraja songs posted in my blog. It was awesome to have Padma with me to sing all the songs.

Saturday was Aaradhana Of Sri VyasaRaja Theertharu – Nava Brindavana. I visited the temple three times. Padma had given for Gana Homa since it was chaturthi. So visited temple in the morning. Evening at 5 PM was our Stotra class and our Acharyaru Nagendra Udupa is teaching us Krishnaastaka – Palayachuta written by Sri Vadirajaru. Evening, I again went to sing all Vyasarajara Songs and dedicate the three days at the feet of Lord. Once we finished the pooje at SKV we also visited the Venkateshwara temple and saw the night pooje. Having my husband Raghavendra join me on every step of this journey is truly a blessing.

As I said before, I have never in my life had the opportunity to sit in a temple and offer the songs I have learned to the Lord. What inspires me is having this opportunity here in North Carolina. In order to help myself and the countless number of people who have tirelessly supported me, I intend to keep learning new songs and posting them on my blog and YouTube.

P,S: All the songs I recited have been posted the past few weeks in the blog and recordings on Youtube.

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