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Adhika Ashweeja Masa – September 18th- October 16th 2020

Sharvari name Samvatsara  Adhika Ashweeja Masa , Dakshinayana, Sharath Ruthu starts September 18th- October 16th 2020.

P.S: It is during this Adhika Masa that special offerings are given to deserved people like Brahamana, married ladies. As per the panchanga, you should give 33 fruits, gold coins, silver coins or any special dish. Anything worth offering should be given.

It is also said that if you can’t prepare any dish, than offer all the ingredients required to prepare 33 numbers of the dish. For e.g: if you want to prepare Kadabu, you should prepare 33 of them, offer it as Naivedya to the Lord, and than give this to a Brahmana, or a priest or a married lady. If you are unable to prepare the same, than offer ingredients like sugar, ghee, rava, flour, cardamom for preparing the same.

If you can do this everyday great, if not this has to be done at least one day as per the panchanga.

There are also several other rules you can follow during this month, refer to page 6 of the panchanga. Attached is a cut out from the panchanga, click on the image to see it enlarged.

The following is a list of items which can be offered everyday during Adhika VMasa ಅಧಿಕ ಮಾಸ.

  • Paadya ಪಾಡ್ಯ – Haldi, Kumkum, Betel Leaves, Nuts (ಎಲೆ ಅಡಿಕೆ) and Coins
  • Bidige ಬಿದಿಗೆ – Haldi, Kumkum, Betel Leaves, Nuts (ಎಲೆ ಅಡಿಕೆ)
  • Tadige ತದಿಗೆ – Dry Coconut and Sugar (ಕೊಬ್ಬರಿ ಸಕ್ಕರೆ)
  • Chouthi ಚೌತಿ – Lemon, Sugar and Cardamom
  • Panchami ಪಂಚಮಿ – Rice, Betel Leaves, Nuts (ಎಲೆ ಅಡಿಕೆ)
  • Shashti – Yogurt ಮೊಸರು
  • Sapthami – Fruits ಹಣ್ಣು
  • Ashtami – Toor Dal ತೊಗರಿ ಬೇಳೆ
  • Navami – Cluster Beans ಗೋರಿಕಾಯಿ, ಚವಳೇ
  • Dashami – 2 blocks of Jaggery ಬೆಲ್ಲದ ೨ ಅಚ್ಚು
  • Dwadashi – Milk
  • Trayodashi – Wheat flour
  • Chatrudashi – Jasmine flowers ಮಲ್ಲಿಗೆ ಹೂ
  • Hunnime – Cucumber
  • Bhahula Padya – Ridge Gourd ಹೀರೇಕಾಯಿ
  • Bidige – Root veg,
  • Tadige – Blouse piece Betel Leaves, Nuts (ಎಲೆ ಅಡಿಕೆ)
  • Chauthi – Dalia Split ಹುರಿಗಡಲೆ
  • Panchami – Ground nuts
  • Shashti – Rava(sooji) Betel Leaves, Nuts (ಎಲೆ ಅಡಿಕೆ)
  • Sapthami – Tulasi with Sri Krishma Idol
  • Ashtami – Cotton
  • Navami – Gram flour
  • Dashami – Glass Bangles
  • Dwadashi – Moong dal
  • Thrayodashi – Avalakki
  • Chatrudashi – Ground nut oil
  • Amavasya – Channa dal
  • Shuddha Padya – Blouse piece Betel Leaves, Nuts (ಎಲೆ ಅಡಿಕೆ)

And here is a list sent to me by Mr. Canchi Sir.

The following important item was found under Madhwa group of Facebook and I thought it will be useful for your website also.  We have circulated this to all our Bhajana mandali members in our mutt.

             SHUKLA PAKSHA
Arisina, Kumkuma
(Ridgegourd) Heerakai
Bangles, Mirror, Mangala padarthagalu
Geddegalu (aloo,genusu etc)
(Dry coconuts), Vanakobri, Sakkari
Blouse piece
Lemon, sugar, Elaichi
Roasted gram (Huri kadale)
Groundnut (senga)
Rawa (sooji)
Fruits (any)
Krishna Vigraha with Tulasi
Toor dal (Toware bele)
Haththi (cotton)
Cluster beans (gorikai)
Besan (kadale hittu)
Achchu bella
Arisina,Kumkuma, Bangles, Kannadi
Hesaru bele (Moongdal)
Atta (Godi hittu)
Jasmine flowers
Til Oil
Cucumber (sowthekai)
Kadale bele (chanadal)

And this links has lot more posts for Aadhika Masa:

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If you have any questions, please ask.

P.S: Attached is the list of daily offerings posted here

2019-2020 Important Dates

Please find attached a neat handy version of important festival dates for Vikarinama Samvatsara. All credit to the webmaster who created this. I am just sharing it.

Aadhika Masa Day Update – May 26th – 31st 2018

Man proposes god disposes is a phrase I use so very often. We make plans, carefully plan them, are so excited about, and God actually has made his own plan and executes them based on what he thinks he has already written in our fate.

My plans took a great hit last week. I posted that I won’t be writing for the next week, hoping I would enjoy my vacation, take a break, relax and continue with my busy schedule and also do some good work during this Aadhika Masa. However, God had already made his plans for me and my family, I just had no clue how he would completely change the course of my next 2 months.

Saturday night, May 26th we were out of state, and was unpacking our car in the parking lot. There was a big pot hole which I couldn’t see and was painted the same color as the parking lot. My left feet got stuck in the hole, ankle twisted and I feel on the ground. The ankle started swelling, and my Husband and daughter immediately decided to take me to Emergency care to a hospital. We reached the hospital at 11.30 PM Saturday night within 5 mins of the accident. They took X-Ray and found out I had broken my Ankle bone. They put a temporary cast, asked us to see an Orthopedic Surgeon within 7-14 days, and also said I may need surgery. We came back around 5.00 AM Sunday morning.

The past few days have been roller coaster, had to learn how to manage with 1 since there was no weight bearing on the left one, no walking, bed rest. Even using the bathroom was tough the first day. My family rented a wheel chair so it would be easy to move around, sitting has been challenging, anytime I put my feet down, it swells and changes color.

I was supposed to travel to San Francisco next two weeks, than India and a few other countries. All activities canceled. I have an appointment on Wednesday to see the progress, if surgery is needed and be put on a real cast. No idea about the recovery time, my Daughter says at least 6-8 weeks on cast.

I am still reciting Shree Krishna Stotra 33 times. And many other slokas just to distract myself and not be depressed. Some days are good, some tough.

Like I said earlier, Meera proposes, God disposed it according to his wish. Just hoping and praying to God, beloved Rayaru that I don’t have to undergo surgery. As my extended family I request you all to pray for me.


Aadhika Masa Day 9 & 10 Update – May 24th 25th 2018

Day 9, i.e yesterday was most hectic. Just couldn’t sleep at all. Woke up at 3.00 AM, tossed and turned in bed, and finally decided to wake up at 5.00 AM since I had an early morning flight. Took shower, drew rangoli again on paper, recited Shree Krishna Stotra 33 times, and Shree Raghavedraya Namaha 33 times. Left to airport, and reached home quite late at night.

Today, Day 10 actually at home drew Rangoli. Since it was Ekadashi was able to spend a little more time at the Pooja room. Did recite Shree Krishna Stotra 33 times.

I will keep you posted hopefully maybe once a week at least. Thanks again to all of you for all the support. Your comments mean a lot to me, and many times I have had tears reading your amazing comments. Even though I don’t see the person who wrote the comments, I can read through and see the heartfelt message.

Thanks a million.


Aadhika Masa Day 6, 7 and 8 Update – May 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2018

Monday May 21st was a devastating day in my Sister’s family, we had an unthinkable tragedy and I came to know about it in the wee hours of 21st. I really had no idea even how to digest the same, and was just devastated. However, I took shower and did my duty of praying. Had really no energy or even mood to draw the rangoli, so just recited Krishna Stotra 33 times, Shree Krishna Namaha 33 times twice, and Shree Raghavedraya Namaha 33 times twice. Had my flight in the morning, so left for San Francisco.

Tuesday and Wednesday May 22nd and 23rd I had calmed down a little bit, but since I was in a hotel and no access to anything, drew the Rangoli on paper and recited Krishna Stotra 33 times. You can see the images of the Rangoli I drew and also a few others that I drew like the Shankha, Chakra, Gadha, Lakshmi Pada, and Tortoise.

And here is the one I drew today May 23rd.

Since I am flying back home tomorrow in the morning, it will just be reciting Shree Krishna Stotra 33 times. If time permits will try to draw the rangoli as well. Hope you all are doing some activities to make use of this Aadhika Masa.

Aadhika Masa Day 4 & 5 Update – 19th and 20th May 2018

Day 4 was hectic but very fulfilling. I drew 33 Ashta Dala Rangoli, recited Krishna Stotra 33 times, Shree Raghavendraya Namaha 33 times 3 times, and Shree Krishanaya Namaha 33 times 3 times. I also prepared 2 Gejje Vastras with 33 Gejjes for the Satsangha on 20th. The entire afternoon and evening was spent cleaning, preparing and shopping for Satsangha. I also brought 5 tiles for ladies to draw Ashta dana rangoli and prepared bagina of 33 almonds, 33 raisins, 33 Hoovu Bathi and 33 mangalaruthi bathi.

Day 5 was just an awesome and the most humbling day. To host satsanyha during Aadhika Masa and also on Pushya Nakshatara for someone who is an ardent devotee of Rayaru cannot be explained in words. Woke up early in the morning, took shower Recited 33 times Krishna Stotra and arranged for the pooje in our sun room.

It was an awesome day, a million thanks to my Husband who worked with me hand in hand, tirelessly, awesome because of my Sister and her family who could join, awesome coz my parents could join through WhatsApp, my daughter through FaceTime, and our Satsangha extended family who came for the satsangha, and blog throug which Vaishnavi and her husband could join.

In the beginning all ladies drew 33 astha dana rangoli. Images below. Suma my sister taught everyone how to draw the rangolis.

We started by Reciting Vishnu Satha Nama Stotra instead of Vishnu Sahasranama since we wanted to recite other stotras today. Later, 33 times all of us recited Krishna Stotra 33 times. Than Lakshmi Stotra, Shree Yanthrodharaka Stotra. We were 11 people. so we all recited Rayaru Stotra 3 times so it was 33 in count. We recited 108 Rayaru Ashotra, and we all recited 108 times Shree Raghavendraya Namaha. Than we recited the following devara namas:

  1. Nere Nambhide Madh Hrudayadolu on Lord Panduranga
  2. Istu Dina ee Vaikunta
  3. Keshava Nama on Lord Krishna
  4. Indu Yenage Govinda on Lord Krishna

Followed by Jaya Jaya Veeve Raghavendra, Rayaru Mangalashtaka, Naivedya , Aarathi, Tugire Rayara, Swami Lali, and Mangala song. Next, gaive Haldi Kumkum for all ladies, and last but not the least the much awaited lunch.

Here are some amazing pictures of the day, you can see rangolis and also 33 Gejje Vastra for Lord Venkateshwara and Lord Krishna.


My parents were able to join us through WhatsApp video and my daughter through FaceTime. It is amazing that we can share all these important events with our loved ones, and is also amazing to share with you all my extended family.

Food was just delicious. I prepared two kosambaris, beans palya, Saru, rice, Appi karadi Payasa which is favorite to our beloved Rayaru. My husband made Kadale bele chatni which is again another favorite for our Rayaru, my sister  Suma made bisibele bath, Ms. Rekha made pineapple Gojju, Ms. Rajani made potato playa and Ms. Vani brought amazing sweets. We also had Ms. Vaishanavi who commented on the blog and made it to our satsangha. It was awesome having all of them.

What a fruitful day, blessed to be able to host satsangha on such auspicious day and get the blessings of our Lord Krishna and our Beloved Rayaru. Day 6 starts a new week with travel to San Franciso, lets see how I will continue with my Krishna Stotras. Will keep you all posted.

Aadhika Masa Day 2 & 3 Update – May 17th 18th 2018

Day 2 yesterday was so hectic, I woke up at 5.00 AM, finished pooje, lighted lamps recited Shree Krishna Stotra 33 times. And left home to work by 6.30 AM to Virigina. During the 2 hour long drive to work listened to several Devotional songs instead of listening to Radio.

Spoke at an office conference, drove back home, was stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours, packed my bags and left to BWI Airport to New York City. Reached NY at 10.30 PM. In between during my train ride, I recited Achuthaya Namaha Ananthaya Namaha and Govindaya Namaha 33 times 4 times.

DAY 3 since I was at a hotel, couldn’t do much and today just recited Shree Krishna Stotra 33 times. Had to go early to a client site, finished work, took train back home and reached by 7.00 PM.

Hopefully, tomorrow and day after during Satsangha I can do a few more things.I am planning on getting all ladies who join Satsangha draw 33 Ashta Dala Padma Rangoli. Will post pictures and video.

Will post tomorrow’s update. Let me know what you all did?

Aadhika Masa Day 1 Update – May 16th 2018

I am going to update everyday what I did for this year’s Aadhika Masa on a daily basis. Technology is amazing, my Sister Suma early in the morning sent me 33 Astha Dala Padma Rangoli she had drawn and also that she did 33 namaskaras. Her rangoli picture is attached below:


I had planned to recite Three Krishna Stotra as posted in the blog, and my Sister Suma said it is customary to draw Ashta Dala Padma Rangoli, keep a silver plate with rice in it, keep kalasa, Krishna Idol and recite the Stotra 33 times. I also drew 33 Ashta Dala Padma Rangoli, and did as per her instructions.

Picture below.

I also recited Achuthaya Namaha Ananthaya Namaha and Govindaya Namaha 33 times 4 times. Since I was working from home today this was easy to do.

I will be traveling non-stop the next few months starting tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to at least recite Lord Krishna’s names, his Stotra  while traveling, while in train, in flight and keep track of the same.

Writing this post everyday is to keep me honest and be accountable for myself.

Aadhika Masa Reciting Krishna Mantra 33 times

According to Sri Srimushnam K Nagarajan who comments and provides support tirelessly, reciting Krishna Mantra 33 times is very sacred during Aadhika Masa. Attached below is the comment Sir left. Please recite Krishna Mantra 33 times as many days as possible. Hope this helps you all.

In Adkia Masa we have to do some dhanas compulsorily during this period. The religious rituals help us to get rid of our sins.Generally the dhanas given are thambula, deepa, apopa, fruits, gajavasthram, anna, vasthra, rava laddu or anything else you can. We have to give these items in the count of 33
Even any one of the above Dharana is not possible to do,Acaryaru says at least chant daily these Krishna mantra for 33 times.It will equalise all the above.

” govardhana dharam vande, gopalam gopa rupinam !
gokulutsava me isanam, govindam gopika priyam !! ”

Meaning :“I worship the lifter of Govardhana Hill, Who has the beautiful form of a cowherd boy, and who continually plays with the gopikas. He is the Lord of Gokula wherein everyday is a festival.”

Thanks Sir for all your support.

Aadhika Masa – May 16th – June 13th 2018

I have written several posts on Aadhika Masa. All relevant posts can be found in the link below:

From giving dana of 33 items, to singing 33 devara names, to apoopa dana, the above link has all useful information.

If for some reason you are unable to prepare Apoopa just like me, there are several options according to my Mom and several others I talked to. Some items you can give as dana is listed below:

  1. 33 coins
  2. 33 Dates
  3. 33 almonds
  4. 33 Gejje Vastra
  5. 33 Hoovu Bathi
  6. 33 fruits
  7. 33 Jaggery Acchu (block)
  8. 33 Gopi Chandana
  9. 33 Kallu Sakkare (Candied Sugar)
  10. 33 Janivara

Pick something which you are comfortable giving and do it this Aadhika Masa. I am so glad I am hosting Satsangha on Sunday May 20th which is within Aadhika Masa and also Pushya Nakshatra. And super happy that I am blessed to perform this when two important events are coming together.

If you have relatives or parents in India, ask them to donate Appopa dana on your behalf. I asked my Parents to do it for us on our behalf( My sister and I). We can definitely do Apoopa here also, however in Bangalore they do it with extreme Madi and that is quite important while giving this dana. On the other hand, if you are Ok doing it at your place and giving, that’s also fine. Other items we can definitely give it anywhere in the world.

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