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Evaporated MilkyWay ಶಾವಿಗೆ ಪಾಯಸ – Vermicelli Kheer

I have already given two variations I use to prepare . The first one is the traditional one, and the second my invention.

Can you guess how this 3 rd option if different from the first two? Did you read the title? Any guess?

You can see the two options posted earlier here in the link below:


Evaporated Milky Way ಶಾವಿಗೆ ಪಾಯಸ – Vermicelli Kheer:


  • 1 cup ಶಾವಿಗೆ – Vermicelli
  • 2 Cups 2% Milk
  • 1 can evaporated milk
  • 1 and 1/2 cup Sugar or to Taste
  • Unflavored Oil – Or  Ghee
  • 3-4 Cloves, 10-15 sliced Almonds, raisins and crushed cardamom Powder.


  • Fry the cloves, raisins, Almonds and ಶಾವಿಗೆ – Vermicelli in Oil/Ghee until it turns golden brown.  I fry all of them together.
  • Now, add 1/2 cup milk and let the ಶಾವಿಗೆ – Vermicelli cook until soft.
  • When the ಶಾವಿಗೆ – Vermicelli is completely cooked, add sugar and the 1 can evaporated milk.
  • Let it boil until all the sugar is dissolved.
  • Finally, add crushed cardamom powder.

The evaporated milk gave the ಶಾವಿಗೆ ಪಾಯಸ – Vermicelli Kheer completely new taste the first time I prepared. Everyone in my family just loved it. I have been preparing it this Way for many months now. If you like experimenting with food, give it a try. It tastes heavenly.

P.S: This serves almost 20 people. I prepared ಶಾವಿಗೆ ಪಾಯಸ – Vermicelli Kheer this weekend for my Daughter Sneha’s graduation party. Everyone asked for the recipe and wanted to know the secret. And now the secret of Meera’s amazing delicious ಶಾವಿಗೆ ಪಾಯಸ – Vermicelli Kheer is out. :)

Bitter Gourd Fritters – Hagalakayi Bajji

We had brought Bitter Gourd – Hagalakayi last week during our regular visit to the Indian Store. As always, I prepared

ಹಾಗಲಕಾಯಿ ಗೊಜ್ಜು  – Bitter Gourd Gojju ( Not prepared during festivals).

I also decided to do a small experiment and prepare Bitter Gourd Fritters – Hagalakayi Bajji, as I had eaten these when I was in Dubai. It was tasty, bitter and yummy. So, enjoy the recipe for Bitter Gourd Fritters – Hagalakayi Bajji. I prepared simple Tomato Saaru -Rasam and this went well with it. Yummy Yum.



  • 2 tsp Rice flour
  • 2 tsp Gram flour
  • 1 tsp Red Chilli Powder
  • 1/4 tsp Turmeric
  • Pinch of Hing
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for frying
  • 1 Bitter Gourd


  1. Wash and slice the bitter gourd into thin slices. See image above.
  2. To this slices, mix all the ingredients except for oil.
  3. Mix well with just a few drops of water.
  4. It has to stick to the bitter gourd.
  5. Heat oil, and on low heat fry these slices on low flame.
  6. These will turn crunchy.
  7. Serve with your favorite Rice and Saaru.


Sandige Huli Recipe

As I mentioned in my previous post, My Husband and I visited Bangalore, India for his Nephews marriage. During the Devera Samaradhane pooje, the typical Madhwa Recipes were prepared. That’s when I asked my Husband to record the recipe for Sandige Huli, which was so yummy. So, attached below is the recipe from the Cook called Mr. Balakrishna Bhatt.


Enjoy, will post the recipe as well soon.


ಬೂದ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ ಮಜ್ಜಿಗೆ ಹುಳಿ – Winter Melon Majjige Huli

I was surprised to see that I hadn’t posted my most favorite dish ಬೂದ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ ಮಜ್ಜಿಗೆ ಹುಳಿ  – Winter Melon Majjige Huli. Yesterday, when we went to H-Mart we brought ಬೂದ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ Winter Melon, ಸಿಹಿ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ Sweet pumpkin and many more Indian vegetables. My Husband wanted to eat ಬೂದ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ ಮಜ್ಜಿಗೆ ಹುಳಿ  – Winter Melon Majjige Huli, so here comes the recipe for the same.


  • 1/2 ಬೂದ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ or Winter Melon washed, peeled and chopped into equal size
  • 1 cup Yogurt – ಮೊಸರು
  • 8-10 green chillies ( Mine was quite spicy, use less if you don’t eat that spicy)
  • 1 tsp Jeera
  • 2 tsp coriander seeds
  • 4 tsp fresh coconut or dry coconut
  • 4 tsp Channa dal soaked in water
  • 1 inch fresh Ginger coriander leaves
  • 5-6 springs fresh
  • For seasoning – Oil, Mustard seeds, jeera, hing, turmeric
  • Salt to taste


  1. Cook ಬೂದ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ or Winter Melon either on your stove top or in a microwave
  2. Grind together into a smooth paste – Coconut, green chillies, Jeera, corainder seeds, Channa dal, coriander leaves, and ginger majjige-huil-ingre
  3. Beat the yogurt so it is smooth
  4. Make the seasoning and now add  ಬೂದ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ or Winter Melon.
  5. When the  ಬೂದ ಕುಂಬಳಕಾಯಿ or Winter Melon is cooked, add the ground mixture
  6. Let it boil for 3-4 minutes. Now add beaten yogurt and salt to tastemajjige-huli
  7. Serve with Rice.


Atma-Shatakam by Sri Adi Shankaracharya


Composer: Sri Adi Shankaracharya
Contributor: Ms. Bhavana Damle

ಮನೋ ಬುಧ್ಯಹಂಕಾರ ಚಿತ್ತಾನಿ ನಾಹಂ
ನ ಚ ಶ್ರೋತ್ರ ಜಿಹ್ವೆ ನ ಚ ಘ್ರಾಣ ನೇತ್ರೆ |
ನ ಚ ವ್ಯೋಮ ಭೂಮಿರ್ನ ತೇಜೋ ನ ವಾಯುಃ
ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪಃ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

ನ ಚ ಪ್ರಾಣ ಸಂಜ್ಞೋ ನ ವೈ ಪಂಚವಾಯುಃ
ನ ವಾ ಸಪ್ತಧಾತುರ್ನ ವಾ ಪಂಚಕೋಶಾಃ |
ನ ವಾಕ್ಪಾಣಿ ಪಾದೌ ನ ಚೋಪಸ್ಥ ಪಾಯೂ
ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪಃ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

ನ ಮೇ ದ್ವೇಷರಾಗೌ ನ ಮೇ ಲೋಭಮೋಹೋ
ಮದೋ ನೈವ ಮೇ ನೈವ ಮಾತ್ಸರ್ಯಭಾವಃ |
ನ ಧರ್ಮೋ ನ ಚಾರ್ಥೋ ನ ಕಾಮೋ ನ ಮೋಕ್ಷಃ
ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪಃ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

ನ ಪುಣ್ಯಂ ನ ಪಾಪಂ ನ ಸೌಖ್ಯಂ ನ ದುಃಖಂ
ನ ಮಂತ್ರೋ ನ ತೀರ್ಥಂ ನ ವೇದಾ ನ ಯಜ್ಞಃ |
ಅಹಂ ಭೋಜನಂ ನೈವ ಭೋಜ್ಯಂ ನ ಭೋಕ್ತಾ
ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪಃ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

ನ ಮೃತ್ಯು ರ್ನ ಶಂಕಾ ನ ಮೇ ಜಾತಿ ಭೇದಃ
ಪಿತಾ ನೈವ ಮೇ ನೈವ ಮಾತಾ ನ ಜನ್ಮಃ |
ನ ಬಂಧುರ್ನ ಮಿತ್ರಂ ಗುರುರ್ನೈವ ಶಿಷ್ಯಃ
ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪಃ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

ಅಹಂ ನಿರ್ವಿಕಲ್ಪೋ ನಿರಾಕಾರ ರೂಪೋ
ವಿಭುರ್ವ್ಯಾಪ್ಯ ಸರ್ವತ್ರ ಸರ್ವೇಂದ್ರಿಯಾಣಾಂ |
ಸದಾ ಮೇ ಸಮತ್ವಂ ನ ಮುಕ್ತಿರ್ನ ಬಂಧಃ |
ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪಃ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

manO budhyahaMkAra cittAni nAhaM
na ca SrOtra jihve na ca GrANa nEtre |
na ca vyOma BUmirna tEjO na vAyuH
cidAnaMda rUpaH SivOhaM SivOhaM ||

na cha prANa saMj~jO na vai paMcavAyuH
na vA saptadhAturna vA paMcakOSAH |
na vAkpANi pAdau na cOpastha pAyU
cidAnaMda rUpaH SivOhaM SivOhaM ||

na mE dvESharAgau na mE lOBamOhO
madO naiva mE naiva mAtsaryaBAvaH |
na dharmO na cArthO na kAmO na mOkShaH
cidAnaMda rUpaH SivOhaM SivOhaM ||

na puNyaM na pApaM na sauKyaM na duHKaM
na maMtrO na tIrthaM na vEdA na yaj~jaH |
ahaM BOjanaM naiva BOjyaM na BOktA
cidAnaMda rUpaH SivOhaM SivOhaM ||

na mRutyu rna SaMkA na mE jAti BEdaH
pitA naiva mE naiva mAtA na janmaH |
na baMdhurna mitraM gururnaiva SiShyaH
cidAnaMda rUpaH SivOhaM SivOhaM ||

ahaM nirvikalpO nirAkAra rUpO
viBurvyApya sarvatra sarvEMdriyANAM |
sadA mE samatvaM na muktirna baMdhaH |
cidAnaMda rUpaH SivOhaM SivOhaM ||

Bhajeham Bhajeham Bhajeham Shivoham Lyrics


Lyrics on Lord Shiva

Contributor: Ms. Bhavana Damle

ಭಜೇಹಂ ಭಜೇಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ
ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

ಪ್ರಸೀದ ಪ್ರಭೋ ಸರ್ವಭೂತಾದಿವಾಸಂ
ಭಜೇಹಂ ಭಜೇಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ
ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

ಓಂಕಾರಮೂಲಂ ತುರೀಯಂ ಮಹೇಶಂ
ಭಜೇಹಂ ಭಜೇಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ

ಚಿದಾನಂದ ರೂಪ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ಶಿವೋಹಂ ||

ಓಂ ನಮಃ ಶಿವಾಯ ಓಂ ನಮಃ ಶಿವಾಯ ||

bhajEhaM bhajEhaM shivOhaM shivOhaM
chidAnaMda rUpa shivOhaM shivOhaM ||

prasIda prabhO sarvabhUtAdivAsaM
bhajEhaM bhajEhaM shivOhaM shivOhaM
chidAnaMda rUpa shivOhaM shivOhaM ||

OMkAramUlaM turIyaM mahEshaM
bhajEhaM bhajEhaM shivOhaM shivOhaM
chidAnaMda rUpa shivOhaM shivOhaM ||

OM namaH shivAya OM namaH shivAya |||

Rasam Powder – ಸಾರಿನ ಪುಡಿ – Saarina Pudi Recipe

Rasam or Saaru ಸಾರು as it is called in Kannada is very commonly prepared in our houses. Especially in South India, and in all my relatives  houses Rasam or Saaru is prepared almost everyday. Maybe it is in other household also, I don’t know. Since many of you have been asking for this, below is the recipe. This is the recipe I got from my Mysore Ajji. Thanks, Ajji.


Attached below is the recipe for authentic Rasam or Saaru powder prepared in our household. Please note, if someone is having dry cough make sure you prepare this when they are away. Especially frying Red Chillies is extremely strong.


  1. Coriander Seeds (ಕೊತಂಬರಿ ಬೀಜ ) – 1 cup
  2. Red Chillies (ಮೆಣಸಿನ ಕಾಯಿ )- 1 cup ( use 1/2 cup Byadagi and 1/2 cup Guntur). This gives a nice red color and will also be spicy.
  3. Whole Black Pepper (ಮೆಣಸು)- 1/8 cup ( use less if you want less spice)
  4. Cumin Seeds (ಜೀರಿಗೆ )- 1/8 cup
  5. Methi Seeds (ಮೆಂಥ್ಯ)- 1/8 cup
  6. Mustard Seeds (ಸಾಸಿವೆ )- 1/8 cup
  7. Hing-Asafotedia (ಇಂಗು )- 1 tsp


  1. Fry each and every ingredient listed above separately with very little oil.
  2. Once all are fried, let it cool. Grind to a fine powder.
  3. Strain the powder once or twice.
  4. And grind again.
  5. You will have finely ground fresh aromatic Rasam Powder – Saarina Pudi


P.S: ಮೈಸೂರ್ ಅಜ್ಜಿ ಪ್ರಕಾರ ಎಲ್ಲ ಬೇರೆ ಬೇರೆಯಾಗಿ ಹುರಿದು ನುಣ್ಣಗೆ ಕುಟ್ಟ ಬೇಕು.


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