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Kartivirarjuna Mantra – iPhone

Since I posted the mantra for recovering lost items in 2009, I have seen hundreds of comments on this post. You can read the post here:

Last Saturday, we went to Costco the wholesale shop near my house to buy a few items for my Daughter Sneha who was home for Thanksgiving holiday. Just like all other girls, Sneha was excited seeing all the clothes and items on sale. We went around for almost an hour stocking up the cart, and when we were almost ready to leave Sneha says ” Mom Dad where is my iPhone?”. We were like it is with you, and we hurriedly went through all the items in the cart and the phone was found nowhere. we looked in all of our coats, pockets and handbags. Being a Saturday, Costco was jam packed with people. we were very sure we will not find the phone.

We were so upset, and I told her “Sneha, let us recite our Kartivirarjuna Mantra”. We started reciting the mantra and went to the main entrance and started to trace back our steps. I told her, have you enabled Find my iPhone, can we test it? She took my iPhone, entered the required details, and it showed us the phone was in the store and we started walking towards the direction the phone started giving us. And there it was ringing in between 4 pairs of jeans. My Husband was close there, and he immediately got the phone.

So, our great Kartivirarjuna Mantra and Find my iPhone helped us find the phone. All is well that ends well.

Just wanted to share with you all this incident. We have to do our part and leave everything else to God to help us.

Prayer for Recovering Lost Items

This prayer was also taught by my Father. We however lost track of the prayer and just remembered the name of Raja Kartivirarjuna and just said his name. As I said earlier also, the Madhwa Calendar has this prayer and I typed the same word by word into Baraha. Here it is for your recital. Hope you don’t loose anything, but if you do, just say this prayer until you find the lost item.

Recite it as many times as you wish. No set count.

Recover Lost Items or kaLeda vastu prAptigAgi

kArtavIryArjunO nAma
rAjA bAhusahasravAn |

tasya smaraNamAtrENa
gataM naShTaM ca labhyatE ||

Recover-Lost-ItemsSloka in Telugu Contributed by N Kishore
కార్త వీర్యార్జునొ నామ రాజా బాహు సహస్రవాన్
తస్య స్మరణ మాత్రేణ గతం నష్టం చ లభ్యతే

Sloka in Devnagari Script  by Vivek Vatve

कार्तवीर्यार्जुनोनाम राजा बाहु सहस्त्रवान् I
यस्य स्मरणमात्रेण गतं नष्टंच लभ्यते II

Sloka translation by A. Suryanarayana Murty

கார்தவீர்யார்ஜுனோ நாம
ராஜ பாஹு சஹச்ரவான்
தஸ்ய ஸ்மரண மாற்றென
கதம் நஷ்டம் ச லபியதே

Full version of the sloka provided by Santoshi

कार्तवीर्यार्जुनॊनाम राजाबाहुसहस्रवान्।
तस्यस्मरण मात्रॆण गतम् नष्टम् च लभ्यतॆ॥

कार्तवीर्यह:खलद्वॆशीकृत वीर्यॊसुतॊबली।
सहस्र बाहु:शत्रुघ्नॊ रक्तवास धनुर्धर:॥

रक्तगन्थॊ रक्तमाल्यॊ राजास्मर्तुरभीश्टद:।
द्वादशैतानि नामानि कातवीर्यस्य य: पठॆत्॥

सम्पदस्तत्र जायन्तॆ जनस्तत्रवशन्गतह:।
आनयत्याशु दूर्स्थम् क्षॆम लाभयुतम् प्रियम्॥

सहस्रबाहुम् महितम् सशरम् सचापम्।
रक्ताम्बरम् विविध रक्तकिरीट भूषम्
चॊरादि दुष्ट भयनाशन मिश्टदन्तम्
ध्यायॆनामहाबलविजृम्भित कार्तवीर्यम्॥

यस्य स्मरण मात्रॆण सर्वदु:खक्षयॊ भवॆत्।
यन्नामानि महावीरस्चार्जुनह:कृतवीर्यवान्॥

हैहयाधिपतॆ: स्तॊत्रम् सहस्रावृत्तिकारितम्।
वाचितार्थप्रदम् नृणम् स्वराज्यम् सुक्रुतम् यदि॥

॥इति कार्तवीर्यार्जुन द्वादश नामस्तॊत्रम् सम्पूर्णम्॥

॥ श्रीकृष्णार्पणमस्तु॥

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