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2017 Shree Krishna Janmasthami Pictures

Hope you all had a wonderful and joyous Shree Krishna Janmasthami. The festival was on a Monday, so the whole morning was spent in meetings and work, and once the clock ticked 5.30 PM, I shut down the computer and got into festival mode.

Every time I FaceTimed my Dad, he was amazed to see how the Tulasi plant had grown and kept telling me that Lord Krishna just needs one Tulasi leaf offered to him and nothing but water. It is just devotion, dedication and utmost faith that he needs.

Seeing all the Tulasi that had grown, I had this wonderful idea of creating a Tulasi Vrindavana for Lord Krishna and hence the Tulasi plants you see in the picture.

Most of the festival preparation was done during the weekend, I even tied the Tulasi garland Sunday night since Monday morning was going to be hectic at work.

We prepared all the food yesterday evening after work, my Daughter joined us through FaceTime during the pooje until the end when we gave Argya to Lord Krishna. I just love technology, we can meet, share, see and perform ePooja remotely.  And today morning, I was able to show my parents all the pooje which we had done.

My own blog helped in getting all the links for songs, food items and recipes.

Food prepration like you see were items such as:

  • Moong dal Kosambari
  • Channa dal Kosambari
  • Uppittu or Upma
  • Avalakki
  • Sweet Avalakki
  • Chakli
  • Thengolu
  • Om Pudi
  • Shankar Poli
  • Rava Laddoo
  • Besan Laddoo

Now for the next big festival Shree Gowri Ganesha Festival. Will post all links and recipes as we approach the festival.

May Lord Krishna Bless us all. Jai Shree Krishna!


2016 Shri Krishna Janmashtami @ 14619

It has been a hectic few months with two India visits back to back. My first trip was from July 4th – July 24th and the second one was from August 12th – August 24th. Yes, came back just the night before Shri Krishna Janmashtami. I had to travel back to speak at a conference and do a workshop in Kerala. I was also able to spend the last day of our Beloved Rayara Aaradhane in Bangalore, had prasada at 4th T block Jayanar mutta Bangalore. I also visited Shree Kamadhenu Kshetra in Bangalore, and would love to share the miracle which happened there. A new post and some pictures coming soon.

Since the last visit I have had severe back pain and undergoing physical therapy to relive the pain. As such was unable to make too many items for the festival yesterday. So, the decoration was simple, food was simple, but there was no lack of energy to do the pooje or sing all the devotional songs.

Attached below are the pictures of the pooje and the very simple food preparation. Hope you all had a wonderful celebration of Lord Krishna Janmashtami.



















Ashtadala Padma Rangoli – ಅಷ್ಟದಳ ಪದ್ಮ ರಂಗೋಲಿ

For the greatest Lakshmi pooja, Sree VaraMahalakshmi I have practiced and  learnt how to draw the Ashtadala Padma Rangoli – ಅಷ್ಟದಳ ಪದ್ಮ ರಂಗೋಲಿ. I have drawn this on my notebook so it is easy to practice and draw the same for the Festival on Friday. As soon as I have the picture drawn for the pooje, I will post that as well. Once you draw for the Festival, share with me the image.

  • Draw one dot at the center.
  • Four dots at four corners.


  • Continue with 4 dots in between these four corners.rang2
  • Join dots 1 -3 and back to 1. 1,3,1.


  • The next set of 1, 3 and 1  as shown below.


  • Now join dots 2,4 and 2.


Join 2,4, 2 a second time as shown below


Quick and easy.

One last time, lets recap the Rangoli.

  1. One dot at center
  2. Four dots at four corners
  3. Four dots in between these four corners. So, totally 8 corners
  4. Join 1,3 and back to 1 in two corners
  5. Join 2,4 and 2 in the second two corners

Rayara Brindavana in Maryland

Today we visited the Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple also called as SBAT temple at Fingerboard Road, Fredricksburg, Maryland. One of the many priests Shri. Balakrishna Bhat had performed the Gruhapravesha of our home in 2008. He is from Vidyapeetha in Bangalore. He performs most rituals for us.

The main diety here Anjaneya.

The pratisthapana of the Brindavana was performed yesterday. Attached below are some pictures of the temple and if you are in the DC area, visit the temple.







How to Draw Chakrabja Mandala – ಚಕ್ರಾಬ್ಜ ಮಂಡಲ


I had posted the Chakrabja Mandala – ಚಕ್ರಾಬ್ಜ ಮಂಡಲ in December 2012. Not sure how time flies, and I never had the chance to show how to draw this. Yesterday, Ms. Asha texted me on Whatsapp, and asked me how to draw the same. I sent her a link about the details, and finally decided I need to show digitally how to draw this great Mandala on this occasion of Madhwa Navami.

So, here is a step by step illustration on how to draw the same. I have shown how to draw 8 Lotus petals, but you can repeat the same for 12, 24, and 51 lotus petals.

May our Guru Madhwacharya bless us all.

First Valaya:

Draw a triangle


Draw a circle inside the triangle so it creats three houses within the triangle but outside the circle as shown below:


I will update the details to be written within each triangle and lotus as well soon.

Second Valaya:

Draw a circle on the triangle as drawn above, which now creates three areas as shown below:

CB-Step4Third Valaya:

Over the second Valaya as drawn above, draw two triangles, one straight  and another inverted. This will give rise to six small triangular spaces.


Draw a circle over the straight and inverted triangles.


Fourth Valaya

Draw eight petalled Lotus over the third Valaya drawn as shown below:


P.S: Please refer to the actual image posted, I couldn’t draw the petals in any software properly. Please pardon me here.

Draw a circle over the 8 Lotus petals as shown below:


Fifth Valaya :

The fifth Vlaya consists of Lotus with twelve (12) petals. Same as above, draw petals and enclose with a circle.

Sixth Valaya :

The sixth Vlaya consists of Lotus with twenty four (24) petals.

Same as above, draw petals and enclose with a circle.

Seventh Valaya :

Lastly the seventh Valaya consists of fifty one 51 petals. No circle here.


Please find attached details and more information about the same on


2. And the Mandala itself.

The following image courtesy:


Shri Krishna Janmashtami/Krishna Jayanthi @ 14619

The festival was celebrated on Sunday evening. Our Daughter Sneha joined us for the festival. She helped us in all the preparations and also was the Photographer for the evening. Sneha was gifted a new Canon Professional Camera for Graduating with Distinction and Highest Honors at UNC, Chapel Hill.
Thanks Sneha for the amazing pictures you took. 🙂
Below are the pictures from preparation to final aarathi to our Lord Krishna.

P.S: Click on any picture to see it enlarged.



Flowers to our Lord.

Fried items.Shree-Krishnastami-20141

Pooja Preparation.Shree-Krishnastami-20142

Lord Krishna sitting with all decoration.Shree-Krishnastami-20143

Pooje as evening approaches.


Flowers offered to our Lord.Shree-Krishnastami-20145

Naivedya for the Lord.Shree-Krishnastami-20146

Sree Krishnajanmasthami Pictures 2013

The festival was celebrated with great devotion. I couldn’t prepare as many items as I wanted to prepare since it was a week day. So, I prepared just a few items with help from my Husband. Sneha our daughter joined us through FaceTime, and we gave Arghya to Lord Krishna as she was watching us. She listened to many of the songs and was there for almost 2 hours of the Pooje. I guess, we need to thank technology for making this possible. My laptop was handy, and so was my blog which had all the lyrics, songs in one place. Rather than going through all the books, it was just one page on the blog which could be referred. By the time we finished all pooje, it was almost midnight.

Attached below are some pictures I took as we performed the pooje starting from pooje preparation to the end.




IMG_1857  IMG_1872






The satisfaction you get after finishing the pooje, and saying “Sree Krishnarpana Masthu” is unbelievable.

Sri Krishna Jayanti Events at Mantralayam, see pictures at the link attached below:

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