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Important Dates in May 2016


A few important dates in May.

May 3rd – Ekadashi

May 9th – Akshaya Thrithiya

May 12th – Guru Pushya Yoga, Reciting Sree Raghavendra Swamy Stotra is important

May 17th – Ekadashi

May 20th – Sree Narashima Jayanthi.





Important Dates – 2016-2017

Mr.B K T Raju shared an image for important dates such as  festival lists, Ekadashi and Aaradhane dates for 2016 and 2017. This is very handy and can be saved in your smart phones, laptops and desktops. Thanks Sir for the list. This is amazing. It also has Ekadashi dates.

P.S: Make sure you check with your local calendars for some changes in dates.




Yesterday, Sunday April 3rd I finished the third part in this series. This part just like the previous two parts is just amazing.

The first few chapters focuses on Mahabali, Bhalika Raja another avatara of Rayaru, Shree Vysarajaru, Yatrodharaka Hanuman.

The next few chapters talk about Shree Sripada Rajaru of Mulabagilu. My Father’s younger brothers wife ( my Aunt) is from the lineage of Shree Sripada Rajaru. We visit Mulbagilu regularly. Just last week my parents visited Mulabagilu.

If you have never heard of Bhutarajaru of Sonde, there is a chapter which gives a good insight into that as well. And our Great Gurugalu Sree Vadirajaru. I had known all the history through my parents and grand parents. There was a comment from someone about asking proof about Bijapur, and in this book there is chapter called ” A KURUKSHETRA IN BIJAPUR”.

As you keep reading the chapters on Kumbakonam and SriRangam is just unbelievable. I have decided to visit both these places in my lifetime and see all the places our Rayaru visited and traveled.

For those of you who are Cine Star Rajanikanth fans, there are two chapters on him, and how he turned such a great devotee of our Rayaru.

And as with the earlier two volumes, chapter after chapter focuses on miracles of our beloved Rayaru. His lineage, the power of Rayara Mrithika, and Rayaru’s writings.

As I have been repeating, if you have access to buy these books, please do so. I have now promised my Sister also who is again a great devotee of our Rayaru to present these books for her. Like I said in the earlier post as well, if you are buying a gift for someone who is a devotee of Rayaru, buy them these books.

Once again, a million thanks to the Author Sri Amman Sathiyanathan, Sri K. Lakshman for translating this in English and Sri Canchi Ravi for sending me these jewels.




I took a week of holiday from work. It had been hectic traveling and my Daughter Sneha also was home for spring break. Having plenty of time at hand, I decided to complete at least the second part of this amazing series.

This Tuesday March 29th, I finished reading Part two of the book SRI RAGHAVENDRA – THE SAINT OF MANTRALAYA. As mentioned earlier in a post here, the original book is written by SRI AMMAN SATHIYANATHAN and the English translation by SRI K.LAKSHMAN.

Part 1.

Part 2 focuses in the first few chapters on Prahlada Rajaru and Sri Vyasa Rajaru, earlier avataras of Rayaru. There are a few chapters on Purandara Dasaru, Kanaka Dasaru. How Sri Vyasa Rajaru helped King Krishnadevaraya. Mind blowing chapters.

And the rest of the book is again focused on the miracles of our beloved Rayaru.

In an earlier post, I had talked about “Don’t Measure Ones Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi”.
You can read that post here. In that post, I had written the following paragraph.

I traveled to India, and was told that one of these Swamiji was able to cure many things and would be able to help. So, we traveled to this place. After the initial set of questions, this Swamiji asked what the problem was. He was told the problem and that I was a great devotee of Rayaru. He looked at my face and said “All of us have 100% Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi in Rayaru. However, you have 40% Faith/Devotion/Bhakthi and 60% doubt on Rayaru. If we all travel to Mantralaya and ask for a wish to be granted, it will be fulfilled immediately. However, since you have 60% doubt on Rayaru, you will have to travel 10 times for your wishes to be fulfilled.”As soon as I heard these sentences, my jaw dropped, eyes filled with tears. This Swamiji kept saying many other things, nothing went into my head. My head was reeling. Tears were rolling down my eyes.

Those sentences haunted me every time I looked at Rayaru’s photo. I kept asking why did Rayaru even make this incident happen? What was Rayaru trying to teach me? Did I not have the Bhakthi? Was my devotion lacking? Every time I mentioned that incident, I used to breakdown. I really needed answer and kept hoping that one day Rayaru will get me the answer I was looking for.

I found the answer for this haunting question of mine in this amazing book. So, my interpretation since I didn’t want to copy the contents from the book, but on the same lines the author has explained.

Three people are walking around in a desert for a long long time. They are hungry, thirsty and weak since they have had no water or anything to eat for hours. At a distance, they see a man coming towards them with a pot of water.

The first one says “This is a desert, we have been walking for hours, and have found no water. This gentleman is definitely not going to give us water, I am not even going to ask him for water”.

The second one says” Maybe if we plead to him that we are thirsty, have been walking for miles, he will spare some water with us”.

The third one says”I am confident, he will definitely give us water. I have no doubt at all”.

As they run towards this man carrying water, the first one who has no belief at all that they will get water, faints and falls down. The gentleman carrying water, runs towards him, sprinkles water on him, makes sure he gets up, gives him a glass of water. And once he knows this man is OK, he turns his attention towards the other two to give them water.

At this point, it was like a lightening strike to me. Tears rolled down my eyes, and I knew my doubt had been cleared.

The reason is simple, other people who are granted their wish immediately are like the first person, either they are completely ignorant of our Rayaru’s mahime, or are in distress and cannot survive anymore. Rayaru graces them first. Rayaru also knows that the ones who have utmost devotion have their path fixed, they are not going to change their course nor do they ever question their faith or devotion towards him. And I hope and pray that I belong to this category, and that’s why it took time for my foot problem to be fixed. And maybe the day I said” I am not going to pray anymore, he decided to cure my pain, just like the man gave water to the first person”.

My state of mind is out of this world now. I have got my answer even if it took so many years. My faith and devotion towards our beloved Rayaru has increased tremendously if I many say so.

The book has pages and pages of amazing miracles. This time when I visit India most probably in July, I am going to present this book to my parents. My Mom and Dad who are great devotees of Rayaru needs to read this book. And I will also ask a few others if they are interested and give this book as a gift rather than giving materialistic items such as Sarees, dress materials.

If you have the resources and the time to read the book, please go ahead and purchase the Same. As Sri Canchi Ravi Sir mentioned, it is being translated in Kannada also.

Once again I would like to Thank Sri. Canchi Ravi sir for sending me this Jewel. It is priceless for me. I pray to Rayaru that he shower his choicest blessings on Sri. Canchi Ravi and his family.


Shree Vyasa Raja Thirthara Aaradhane

A few pictures of Shree Vyasa Raja Thirthara Aaradhane from Nava Brindavana and Shimoga. You can see Shree Vyasa Raja Thirthara alankara as a King. So, beautiful. Thanks again to the webmasters for posting such wonderful pictures.

Mr. Harsha Acharya corrected me saying the second one was not from Mantralaya. It was Saptaha function in Shimoga.




Sri Raghavendra Swamy Vardanti Video 2016 – Srirangam Mutt

This video of our beloved Raghavendra Swamy Vardanti Video 2016 from Srirangam Mutt is just amazing. As you watch the abhisheka and pushpa aaradhane, trust me tears will flow down. Beautiful. Glad we have technology and at least a few temples have adopted them, and we are in luck to see the videos from any where in the world.

A million thanks to the temples for posting the same.


Brindavana prathistapana @ Kamadhenu Kshethra


I have posted several articles about Kamadhenu Kshethra here in my blog. I was told that the Brindavana prathistapana is happening on March 24th and March 25th at Kamadhenu Kshethra. If you reside in Bangalore, or nearby and can travel please do visit Kamadhenu Kshethra and get the blessings of our beloved Rayaru. Also, meet Shri. Gurusheesh and get his blessings as well.

Visit the website for more details:

Below are some pictures I had taken the last few times I visited Kamadhenu Kshethra.




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