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Shree Raghavendra Satsangha – May 21st @ Maryland




Last year we performed Satsangha at my home on June 19th. You can see the invitation I shared and the detailed pictures at the below links.

Satsangha Invitation

Satsangha Pictures

We have been performing Satsangha every month at many devotees houses. May also was planned at one of their houses and due to unavoidable circumstances, they couldn’t perform. Since we didn’t want to miss May, I decided to host the same.

I have been traveling almost every single week this month. This week I was at San Francisco, going back tomorrow again to San Francisco and coming on Thursday night. And next week to Minneapolis. May and June each and every week is completely booked with travel.

I was planning on hosting only in September, but like we all know Rayaru has his own ideas for his devotees. My husband said he will help me to host this, and so May 21st Sunday morning we decided was the date.

So, hereby I am inviting all of you residing in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area to come join us. We will start promptly at 10.00 AM. After the pooje, we will have lunch prepared by yours truly. 🙂

Please consider this as a personal invitation and join me and Raghu at our house. If you leave a comment, I will share my home address and phone number. Hoping to See you all.

I will post pictures and hopefully video this time of the pooje.

Mantralaya Visit – April 2017

It was November 19th 2014 the last I had visited Mantralaya. I traveled to India for work end of March and April, and this time made it a point to go visit Mantralaya with my Parents during the weekend. I came back day before April 11th to USA. The temple as you can see has completely changed.

My parents and I got many sevas done to Rayaru, were able to see the Rathotsava, have lunch the next day. I was also able to do 108 namaskaras, and also had a visitor from the blog who recognized me and talked to me. I was unable to talk much since I was reciting the stotra, I feel really sorry for that.

Attached below are some pictures. It was just so awesome seeing our Beloved Rayaru, no amount of daily picture, or any other temple can provide the joy and satisfaction that standing in front of Rayaru in Mantralaya can bring. Immense joy and tears keep rolling as you see the brindavana standing tall and majestic in front of you.









Update : Shree Vyasa Raja Thirthara Aaradhane – March 16th 2017

Vyasa Theertha or Vyasa Raja, the Raj Guru of Vijatanagara Emperors is the earlier avatar of our beloved Raghavendra Swamy. Vyasa Raja was born sometime in 1460 in Bannur near Mysore and entered Brindavana in Nava Brindavana in Hampi in 1539.
Vyasa Rajaru has composed numerous songs, and was the guru of Sree Purandara Dasaru and Sree Kanaka Dasaru.
Vyasa Raja was entombed in the Brindavana in the middle of Nava Brindavan. The day was Saturday and the date March 8, 1539. He  was 90 years old or a little more at the time of leaving the mortal world.

A few pictures of Shree Vyasa Raja Thirthara Aaradhane from Nava Brindavana and Shimoga. You can see Shree Vyasa Raja Thirthara alankara as a King. So, beautiful. Thanks again to the webmasters for posting such wonderful pictures.


Update: Pushya Nakshatra and Thursday – March 9th 2017



The common interpretation of Pushyaarka Yoga is the combination of Pushya Nakshatra and Thursday or Sunday.This common interpretation is when moon entering Pushya nakshatra on Thursday  or Sunday is PushyArka yoga .

March 9th 2017 is Pushya Nakshatra and Thursday.

Raghavendra Mutta says “On this Holy day one should Recite or Chant Guru Stotra ( Raghavendra Stotra)s, Singing songs will bring happiness and prosperity in your life.”

The significance of this day is also mentioned in Rayara Stotra – 27th Stanza.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 6.27.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 6.28.01 PM

Anyone who recites this holy Sri Raghavendra Stotram 108 times with intense devotion, on the occasion of solar/lunar eclipse or the combination of Sunday with the star Pushya, will be relieved of all evil influence, e.g., haunting etc. (27)

You can find more details about this great day below in the link:

To find lyrics on Rayaru, please visit this page:

The Raghavendra Stotra to be recited is posted here:

Shri Raghavendra Stotra or Shri Poornabhodha Stotra Lyrics/

Rayaru is our Savior

This is a long post, take time to read. Blessed we are by our Beloved Rayaru.

Last week Wednesday through Friday I performed seva for Rayaru. This time I decided to do the seva in the most strict possible way. We have all heard that if it is Ekadashi for us once in 15 days, it was Ekadashi for Rayaru every single day. I decided why not do the same thing for the 3 days seva and decided to have just fruits, vegetables and curds. No rice, no chapathi, no upma nothing. I know this is not the traditional way anyone does Rayaru seva, but there is no tradition according to me for our Bhakthi and how we want to show it to our God, of course doing it the right way.

So, during the seva I did 108 namaskaras morning and evening and also had to attend to work. It was really tough to sleep at night with the stomach growling of hunger, but who said doing seva was easy right?

Once the seva was over on Saturday we visited our SBAT temple where we have Rayaru brindavana. Since this not like Rayara mutta in Bangalore, I decided to give away a bag of Rice, Toor dal, Moong dal and Jaggery as hastodaka to the priest in the temple. While at the temple I met one of our Satangha devotees and as we were talking about Rayaru she said “Meera you are a true devotee of Rayaru”. I kept saying I am just like anyone of you and after the pooje we came home.

The whole 3 days and Friday night I kept thinking about any sign from Rayaru that he had accepted my Seva. No dream, no sign even on Saturday. Saturday night I just couldn’t sleep, kept looking at the watch and kept asking my Beloved Rayaru” Guru Sarvabhowma, everyone I meet tells me I am a great devotee of yours. It is not going to matter until you feel that way. Why have you not accepted my seva this time? What is it that was missing from my Bhakthi”. Clock waits for no one right?

It was 3.00 AM, 4.30 AM and 5.00 AM no dream no sign. Since we had satsangha today, I kept thinking what should I say at Satsangha today if they ask me about my Seva, You never came in my dream. And slowly I again dozed off.

At around 6.00 AM, I was in Mantralaya, and a archaka asks me to walk with him to another place. He says ” Amma, neevu Rayaru nijjavagalu iddara antha kelidaralla, banni nannu nimage yeno thorisalu Rayaru helidhare. In English, Amma, please come with me, you asked if Rayaru is there are not right, Rayaru wants me to show you something”.

The priest opens a brown cover and says Amma in this cover is flowers which were offered to our Beloved Rayaru the day he entered Brindavana. It has never been opened and Rayaru has asked me to open this for the very first time for you. No one has seen how the flowers are. He opens the brown cover, there is white rose petals and other white flowers as fresh as they were offered today to Rayaru. He says Amma see there is no science or anything which was done to keep these flowers fresh, our Rayaru is still there even after 422 years, please see these flowers. In the dream I come back to USA and tell my Sister in her house about the dream. My sister and two of my nieces are sitting and I explain to her my dream and she says” Meera, even in your dream I am not with you to witness this, I hope one day I can be with you in your dream”

I wake up in shock, and realizing the dream open my eyes. My Husband Raghavendra Raghu as we call him was standing and as I was telling him the dream completely broke down. I have 100% faith, but this dream has proven that no matter where you are, what you are, how you are, who you are, our Beloved Rayaru will bless us all for our Bhakthi.

Like I said, I didn’t do the seva the traditional way, I didn’t touch food, I didn’t eat rice, but our Rayaru didn’t care. He cared for my bhkathi, he cared for my devotion, and when I cried and begged asking him what was missing in my seva, he came in my dream on his Birthday. Instead of me giving a gift to him, he gave me the gift to cherish my entire life.

As my extended family members, I wanted to share this dream of mine with you all which is of course what our beloved Rayaru  wanted as well. Guru Sarvabhowma Ki Jai.



If you have a few hours or even few minutes to spare, watch the live webcast of our Beloved Rayaru Saptaaha celebrations.

Live Webcast Timings between 27th Feb 2017 to 05th March 2017


SESSION 2 : 8-30 AM TO 12:00 NOON 

SESSION 3 : 3:00 PM TO 10 PM

Below is the link:

Update : Sree Raghavendra Swamy Birthday – March 4th/5th 2017

Rayaru 1

The birthday of our beloved Rayaru is on March 4th 2017 in USA and 5th in India. Since the past 8 years, I have been posting regularly about giving a Birthday Gift to our Rayaru. What might a person like Rayaru need you may ask? He needs nothing materialistic since he left all those very early in his life. He needs our utmost love and devotion and sincere Bhakthi. And now you have an opportunity to show all these to our beloved Rayaru by giving him a gift which he loves immensely.

Yes, I and many in my family have been giving a little bit our time and chanting “Sree Raghavendraya Namaha” a minimum of 16,000 times. Once you complete the chanting, any number greater than 16,000 offer it our be beloved Rayaru. Start chanting and get the blessings from Sree Raghavendra Swamy.

Some tips on how I do the Japa Count:

1. Chant in the morning, and in the evening. Keep a notepad and write down how many you have chanted. I usually have an excel spreadsheet since it makes easy to count. No writing, just recite “Sree Raghavendraya Namaha”.

2. No head bath everyday, regular thing you do for every day Pooja. In the evening, no bath, again whatever you do to perform evening pooja. Wash your face, hands and legs and perform the chanting in the evening.

3. If I miss chanting a few days, I will make up the count during the weekends when I have time.

4. I recited 1080 times everyday in the morning. I have a Japa Mala with 108 beads, so used to chant 10 rounds everyday morning.

P.S: please send with your japa count. Thanks Harsha Avare.

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