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Sri Jagannatha Daasaru – The Movie

In the legendary Kannada HaridAsa (saint-poets) lineage, Sri Jagannatha dAsaru is a prominent 18th century HaridAsa who holds a remarkable place in the dAsa quaternary (chatushTeyaru) with Sri Purandara dasaru, Sri Vijaya dasaru, and Sri Gopala dasaru.

He was born in Manvi, Karnataka and was named “Srinivasa acharya”. He grew up to be an adept Sanskrit scholar with excessive pride.

One day, he arrogantly underestimates Sri Vijaya dAsaru’s scholarly qualities, turns down his banquet invite, and suffers severe stomach ailment.

His life takes interesting turns as he transforms from a prideful scholar to a cult HaridAsa ‘Sri Jagannatha dAsaru’, who then goes on to author a multitude of exemplary contributions and the magnum opus of haridAsa literature -“HarikathamruthasAra” with “Jagannatha ViTTala” pen-name (ankita).

All this and many more amazing moments are beautifully captured in the upcoming movie “Sri Jagannatha DAsaru” – watch & support this great cause. Releasing soon on digital platforms, stayed tuned !!

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