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Blog Hits a New Record -1.6 Crore 16 Million Views


Last year I had posted about 1.4 crores 14 million views. I lost track of the number of visitors and never paid any attention when it had even crossed 1.5 crores 15 million views. As I was spending sometime today, I saw the statistics and was blown away.

The first person I would tell was my Mother. I know she is somewhere up there and watching over me and blessing me as always.

To be honest today when I saw the number, I had tears in my eyes. The love and affection I have received from so many of you even without seeing you all is truly humbling. How blessed and lucky I am to be able to receive the same from all of you.

To know I inspire so many of you to be able to perform pooje, to have a work life balance, and to be able to show that no matter what high position we are at work, no matter where you live, no matter how much you earn, at the end of the day if you are not able to submit yourself to the Almighty Lord what use is this amazing gift of life we have been given.

I always thought if my blog is able to inspire 1 person, my goal is achieved. I thought the same at work also, if I am able to motivate 1 person to look at my work ethics, my passion, and say “If Meera is able to reach such amazing position at work, why not me?”. With your emails, texts, messages, and messages on LinkedIn I know I have inspired so many of you in your spiritual, life and work journey. 


And it goes without saying, my sincere namaskaras to Lord Almighty and our beloved beloved RAYARU.


I never share my picture, but thought this would be appropriate to say once again a BIG THANK YOU!

ಆಷಾಢ ಮಾಸ – Ashada Masa Shree Mahalakshmi Pooja

ಆಷಾಢ ಮಾಸ or Ashada Masa starts July 10th and ends on August 8th in Plava Nama Samvatsara 

During this month, there are no marriages, upanayanas, or any good deeds performed. However, it is during this month that the Chaturmasa Starts, and the last day of ಆಷಾಢ ಮಾಸ or Ashada Masa is Bhimana Amavasya.

As I was talking to my Father today, he was mentioning about Ashada Masa Shree MahaLakshmi Pooje to be done every Friday.

My Father was also mentioning that there is nothing in the puranas that this month is inauspicious. He was mentioning this was the month when Ganga came to earth, it is the beginning of Chaturmasa, Ashada Friday’s doing Shree Mahalakshmi pooje is very auspicious. And this is the month on Ekadashi that we do the mudra dharane. 



So, the Friday’s July 16th, July 23rd, July 30th, and August 6th would be the days to perform Shree MahaLakshmi Pooje in the evening.

My Mysore Ajji had taught my Mom doing Shree MahaLakshmi Pooje every Friday almost 30 years back. My Mom performed it throughout her life. Last year, as we were mourning our Mom, and I was crying unconsolably while talking to my Daughter she asked me “Amma, what’s one thing Ajji used to perform that you want to carry forward.”. I said I haven’t seen anyone in the family do Shree MahaLakshmi Pooje every single Friday throughout the year for several years. And maybe we continue that tradition from her. I immediately mentioned to my Sister, we both decided we will carry forward that legacy of our Mom and started doing Shree MahaLakshmi Pooje every Friday evening. We haven’t missed since we started. And the pandemic has aided in working from home and be able to continue this tradition.



The way we do the pooje is like below:

  1. Use both Idol and photo of Shree MahaLakshmi
  2. Do sankalpa
  3. Apply Haldi, Kumkum, Mantrakshate, and flowers
  4. Recite Shree MahaLakshmi Sahasranama, 1000 names of Shree MahaLakshmi 
  5. Recite Lakshmi songs
  6. Recite Devranama
  7. Do Naivedya
  8. Mangalaruthi and Aaruthi

You can perform the pooje in the morning, but evening time while sun is setting is very auspicious. So, for Ashada masa if time permits, please do Shree MahaLakshmi Pooje every Friday in the evening. If you cannot do Shree MahaLakshmi Sahasranama, you can at least perform Ashtotra which is 108 names.

Here is a link of Shree MahaLakshmi Sahasranama

And here is another one in several languages:

Our Mysore Ajji

This Akshaya Tadige Ajji completed 105 years. She was sick for the past few months. It was heartbreaking knowing Ajji had left this world. Yes, Ajji left this materialistic world yesterday and joined her Husband, her daughters, her daughter-in-law and many of her extended family and friends.

This picture you are seeing was during my Dad’s 80th Shastiputhi function. The bond between Mom and Daughter is so very well seen in the picture below. 

I searched for so many pictures, but none conveyed the message I wanted to about our Ajji and the bond she shared with Mom and in turn us grandkids and great grandkids.

Ajji always laughed when I told her I had written about her in my blog, she would say what have I done to get this much love from you all. She loved when I read out your comments and told her about the blog.

Ajji was fierce, Ajji was a strong role model, Ajji was a fighter.

Ajji was our Iron Lady, and our dearest Mysore Ajji.

With all the challenges Ajji faced, her devotion towards God never wavered and we never heard her complain ever about God.

Ajji was the big banyan tree, we all took shelter under. 

Ajji was a great musician, from her we learnt all the songs, all stotras and all slokas.

Ajji was a great role model, who taught each one of us how to fight adversity we face in life.

Ajji was a guru to us, who taught us how to pray and count our blessings.

Ajji was a great cook, and taught me so many amazing madhwa dishes.

Ajji was a mother, grandmother and great grandmother and showed us how to navigate these roles brilliantly.

Ajji was a giver, and showed how each one of us could benefit from doing charity. 

Ajji showed us education matters, and even more so how women need to be independent. 

Ajji also showed even more than education, how culture matters and how we should be cultured. 

Ajji dealt with so many tough challenges, and she taught us how to keep swimming even when we face tough challenges.

Ajji will live with us forever with her songs, the things she taught us and her love.

The family lost a great woman who was the head of our family or in one word a matriarch. 

I can still taste the brinjal vangibath, Rubbida huli, Akki tari Upma and Ajji’s favorite Bonda. All I learnt from Ajji’s visit to my parents house or our visit to our Mama’s house.


P.S: The other post I wrote about our Ajji, you can read below:

Be Human

I got woken up around 2.15 AM today Friday with severe headache and back pain. My first reaction was “I might have COVID, courtesy the visit to a dentist to get the crown replaced”. My daughter was so upset I had gone to a dentist. She has first hand seen COVID patients and how they suffer. This pain sent shivers, and immediately in the dark night I ran towards the dresser to get the perfume bottle out, spray and smell it. It smelled amazing and I was like thank god I am okay. I had heard if you are unable to smell, than you definitely have COVID. I have heard from so many family, friends and colleagues of their beloved ones losing life to COVID or getting so sick with it.

I couldn’t go back to sleep, all night I kept thinking of the thousands who have lots their lives and the many more thousands of loved ones who couldn’t say goodbye to their loved ones. Having lost my Mom a couple months ago, I know how tough it is, the long journey to India knowing Mom is no more, the pain of saying goodbye to her knowing I will never hug her again, knowing I will never talk to her again, knowing I will never tell her “Amma I love you” and collapsed on the ground when she was taken to be cremated. My loved ones hugged me, consoled me, talked to me and were with me. I will never ever be able to forget each one of them. I pray for their wellbeing.

None of that happened to the thousands who were so loved, who wanted to be held, wanted to be consoled. Tears flowed all night and I prayed for everyone who lost their life, I prayed for everyone who lost their loved one. Many weren’t even able to cremate or bury their loved ones. They couldn’t perform the last rites.

No matter what color, race, religion, country you belong, just this one time try to belong to humanity. The light is at the end of the tunnel, we just need to be patient. There is no other humane thing we can do during this pandemic than wear mask and not spread it to others.

Be human and respect every human life. That is our utmost responsibility at this time during the pandemic. 

Wear a mask, social distance, stay home and save life.

Some Updates

Hope you all had a wonderful Adhika Aswina Aswayuja masa. I did a few things myself. Recited Krishna Stotra, Shree Achutaya Namaha, Shree Ananthaya Namaha Shree Govindaya Namaha, Shree Krishnaya Namaha and Shree Raghavendraya Namaha 33 times everyday.

My Sister and I also did Taratamya Bhajane reciting 33 songs on behalf of my Mom. My mother was very particular about Adhika Masa and did lot of activities on our behalf. We miss her dearly. And so decided we could do something in her name. We recited all her favorite songs and prayed any punya should go to her.

The day we finished the Bhajane on behalf of my mother, the next day morning I had a dream wherein “Mantralaya Swamigalu HH Shri Subudhendra Teertha Swamiji comes in my dream and helps me and my sister do an elaborate Pooje”. It was an amazing dream, and I feel Mom who was a great devotee of Rayaru, and so the current swamigalu came to bless her and that Rayaru has accepted our bhajane on Mom’s behalf. I just couldn’t stop and texted everyone about this amazing dream.  

We also did Shree Raghavendra Satsangha at my sisters place and our Satsangha devotees joined by Zoom.

Today October 14th is our Mothers birthday. It was a sad day, we all missed her so much and the whole day there was this sadness. Wherever Mom is, hope she still is able to recite her favorite Rayaru Stotra.

COVID has been raging in India and also here in USA. Please take it seriously, wear a mask, wash hands often and above all stay safe and as much as possible stay indoors.

Hope to post often, somehow since Mom left us, nothing feels of any importance. Please do forgive me, will try to be more regular.

Hope you all have a wonderful upcoming Dasara.


From our garden to ….

Spring and summer is just beautiful in our house with lots of flowers, Tulasi and many vegetables. And it is during this time we have so many festivals also. This year, since there has been no travel and no going to work either at least until November, I get to enjoy the garden the most.

Some amazing clicks from our garden. I am eagerly waiting to offer the flowers and Tulasi during the festivals especially Shravana Friday Lakshi Pooje,  Rayaru Aaradhane, Shree Krishnajanmasthami and Ganesha Festival.

Blog Hits a New Record -1.4 Crore 14 Million Views


Its been a long time since I posted anything.I haven’t been logging into the blog at all. Have lost interest in everything. I don’t talk much, I don’t go often on WhatsApp, unless addressed to me I don’t reply to any messages. It is going to take time to recover from not having my mother around.

It is going to take time to heal. I know it is not going to be easy. But, I need to get back to my blog which my Mom also loved. She used to keep asking me what new things I had posted, what new songs I had learnt, what new food I was posting.

If not for me at least for her sake and all of you who have been asking me how I am doing, why I haven’t posted anything, I have to and will try to get back.

In a few weeks it will be the month of Shravana Masa and I will start posting again all the details.

In the meantime, as I logged I saw the blog had reached a new milestone. 1.4 crores or 14 million plus hits. Truly remarkable. And I definitely need to thank you all my extended family for supporting me not just during good times, but all during my tough times.

I have read all your emails, messages, texts so many times. I am blessed to have you all and I promise I am back now.


And it goes without saying, my sincere namaskaras to Lord Almighty and our beloved beloved RAYARU.



Appreciate your Support

It has been humbling seeing all your messages, your emails, texts and phone calls. We all deeply appreciate your expression of sympathy. Thank you is a very small word for the support you all have shown us.

It has been tough, and I cannot comprehend how hard it is to come to terms that I don’t have my Amma anymore. I pick up the phone so many times to call her and realize that I will never ever be able to talk to her in my remaining life.

The only consolation is that my Father is staying with me at this point. I get to take care of him, cook for him, console him and share my grief with him. He is devastated. I still see the undeterred faith he has in God and Rayaru. It truly amazes me, since I myself am devastated and question so many times even the existence of God having seen this tragedy.

Once again, I am truly grateful for your support, thoughts and prayers. I am not sure how soon I will start posting here. I am still having trouble getting to terms that my Mom is not there. I am not interested in anything, so might take a few more months to be active here.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay isolated.

May God and our beloved Rayaru bless us all.

Miss you Mom

A day which has etched like none other in the Rao household – 02/24/2020. This is the day we lost our dearest Mother. The loss is unbearable, very raw,  and the deepest sorrow a heart can ever bear. 

A mom who was an exceptional daughter to her parents. A daughter who lives behind her 104 year old Mother in deep grief.

A mom who was a doting Sister to her siblings. A sister who left her brother tear up every time he talked about her, and was quite eager just before her passing away to spend her time with her brother and Mom in Mysore.

A mom who was truly a devoted wife to her Husband. A wife who never left her Husband even for a single day alone. A devoted couple who were married close to 60 years.

A mom who was a role model to her kids especially her daughters. A mother who was a trail blazer showing her kids how to push for their dreams, how to make a mark in this tough world, how to work hard, how to be involved in your kids, how to balance work and home.

A mom who was truly proud of her Son-in-laws. A mother-in-law who was like a Mom to her Son-in-laws who adored her.

A mom who was an amazing grandmother to her grandkids. A grandmother who showed unconditional love towards her grandkids and cherished all their accomplishments.

A mom who was an amazing relative and friend to so many of her relatives & friends. She was there for everyone that needed her during their good and tough times. And yes, we need someone to support us during tough times.

A mom who was an incredible professor to her students. A professor who supported all girls studying in her college and helped them succeed by paying their fees, by providing them emotional support and many a times talking to parents to let the girls continue further studies.

A mom who was kind to anyone she worked with. To the auto driver, to the watchman, to the care taker, to the construction worker next door, each and everyone she touched, loved her for her generosity and empathy she showed.

A mom who will be dearly missed by one and all she touched in her life. A mom who will be dearly missed every second. A void in our life which will never be filled.

Who do we call Amma/Mom now? 

Where do we find the loving arms which waited for us to fly to India?

Where do we find the mom who kept counting not days but minutes for our arrival?

Where do we find the mom with whom we could share anything and everything?

Where do we find the mom who was proud of our achievements?

Where do we find the mom who never ever judged us?

Where do we find the mom who when said “Amma I love you” said “Me too”?

Where do we find the mom who was a fighter and showed us incredible resilience by saying I don’t have anything to worry when she was battling sickness?

A void in our life which will never ever be filled.

We love you MOM. We pray and wish we get a Mom like you in every life, and wish we can be a mom like you to our Kids.

Rao Family

Some Updates

It has been months since I wrote any blog post or even replied to any comment. It has been very hectic the past few months ever since 2019 began. Traveling across continents and quite frequently literally took a toll on me.

I had no energy and just didn’t have the will to do anything else. Most comments were approved automatically so didn’t even login into the blog.

I am back home now, and hopefully don’t have to travel at least for the next two months. I needed to stay home and was missing home really badly.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and hope to see you all more often in the blog.

Thanks once again for all the wonderful comments and asking about me. I really really appreciate the same.

Hope to continue posting in the coming days.

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