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Reminiscing Past Three days

The previous three days, beginning on Thursday, have been full with happiness that I will keep recalling throughout my life. I have never in my whole life—not even when I lived in India—been able to celebrate the Aaradhanes of three Great Yatigalu the way I did in North Carolina.

Thursday like you all know was Aaradhana Of Sri Sudheendra Theertharu – Nava Brindavana. We did Pooje at home, and evening went to the SKV, NC temple. My Friend Padma joined me and we did bhajane Thursday evening. Recited songs from this blog.

Friday, was Aaradhana Of Sri Vadirajara Theertharu – Sonda. The temple had recital of Lakshmi Shobhane and several women joined and we sang Lakshmi Shobhane. Padma and I once again did bhajane of all Sri Vadiraja songs posted in my blog. It was awesome to have Padma with me to sing all the songs.

Saturday was Aaradhana Of Sri VyasaRaja Theertharu – Nava Brindavana. I visited the temple three times. Padma had given for Gana Homa since it was chaturthi. So visited temple in the morning. Evening at 5 PM was our Stotra class and our Acharyaru Nagendra Udupa is teaching us Krishnaastaka – Palayachuta written by Sri Vadirajaru. Evening, I again went to sing all Vyasarajara Songs and dedicate the three days at the feet of Lord. Once we finished the pooje at SKV we also visited the Venkateshwara temple and saw the night pooje. Having my husband Raghavendra join me on every step of this journey is truly a blessing.

As I said before, I have never in my life had the opportunity to sit in a temple and offer the songs I have learned to the Lord. What inspires me is having this opportunity here in North Carolina. In order to help myself and the countless number of people who have tirelessly supported me, I intend to keep learning new songs and posting them on my blog and YouTube.

P,S: All the songs I recited have been posted the past few weeks in the blog and recordings on Youtube.

Happy International Women’s Day 2023

This small picture and the words captures the entire essence on this amazing day.

Blog Hits a New Record – 1.8 Crore 18 Million Views

This year in May 2022, I had posted about 1.7 crores 17 million views.  And to cross a Million view in over 6 months is truly amazing. I cannot truly thank my Dad for all he does and keeps doing and sharing his knowledge with me. He truly is an inspiration to me in my spiritual journey. I learnt unwavered devotion towards Rayaru from none other than my Mother and unwavering commitment by my Father.

The support I receive from my Husband and Daughter is truly amazing. They are always amazed with the dedication and effort I put towards the blog.

I had made a commitment this year to learn as many Dasara Songs as possible and post the audio. With whatever little free time I have, I keep learning, trying my own tunes and posting the lyrics and audio. I have posted 230+ posts this year which in itself is a record.

2022 has been truly a remarkable year. We visited India and did Pilgrimage with our Father to see our Muddu Kadagolu Krishna in Udupi, see Pajaka Kshetra where our Guru Madhwacharya resided, take a trip down to Gokurna, Murudeshwara and see Lord Shiva, Ganapathi, travel down to Sondha to see Sri Vadirajaru and BhootaRajaru. While returning back, visited Harihara and Seebi Narashima Devarau.

We visited Rayaru in Mantralaya, Adhoni, Bichale along with my Father and Sister. We visited several Rayara muttas in Bangalore, Honnava Mantralaya, Kamadhenu Kshetra, NR Colony mutta, Chickpete mutta, Malleshwara Rayara mutta.

While in Bangalore, we had the opportunity to get Mudra Dharane by Sri Subudheendra Theertharu Mantralaya Swamigalu.

We moved to North Carolina and are truly blessed to be so close to SKV, NC temple. What a blessing to be part of such an awesome community here. We were able to meet, speak one on one with Sri Suguneendra Teertha Swamigalu of Shree Puthige Matha here at SKV temple and get Mudra Dharane.

I am truly thankful to all of you for all your support and hope to continue spreading my knowledge and do whatever little I can do to promote Hinduism.


And it goes without saying, my sincere namaskaras to Lord Almighty and our beloved beloved RAYARU.


Navaratri Miracle

I hope you all had a wonderful Dasara/Navaratri pooja. It has been quite hectic for me the past month with travel starting again. This week I had to travel to Colorado Springs for a conference. As I wanted to post 9 songs on Lord Venkateshwara and Goddess Lakshmi during Navaratri, I had scheduled most posts to go live each day.

Thursday when I returned, during my flight for a fraction of a second I thought; I spend so much time and energy compiling translating and recording 9 songs, how many people might have noticed the same, was it even useful. Again, this thought came just for a second and I diverted my attention again thinking I am not doing this for any validation, God truly knows my dedication and passion towards the blog and my utmost bhakthi towards him. Like I said, this thought was maybe for a fraction of a second.

Friday early morning, when I sat in front of my computer after finishing my morning Pooje, I see an email from Shri Canchi Ravi. I have written so much about him in this blog. The email subject says “Dasarapada seva in Navaratri”. As I read the email, tears flowed and I was overwhelmed with emotions.

Quoting Sir’s email below:

Good morning.  Hare Sreenivasa

You have done very good seva by sending Devaranamas during Navaratri.  Yesterday I got a peculiar dream.  It was in our house in Hyderabad.  In front of a Mandasana mantap yourself and your one friend were singing Devaranamas for a long time!  Is this an acknowledgement of your seva?

Your efforts in spite of pressing official work, posting nice songs laudable indeed.  I learnt one Laxmidevi song, sang and uploaded in a Dasavani group!   If you happen to come to Hyderabad I will show the place where you sat and did Namasankeertana with another lady a little younger than you.  The spot I will take snap and send.  That is the hall where our Mutt Bhajana Mandali members come and do parayana of Rayara Ashtottara with Vayu stuthi etc and brief Bhajan.  Similarly Mahila Bhajana Mandali members do Laxmi Shobane etc.

Lord Venkateshwara and Goddess Lakshmi has truly taken my seva. For me to think about the same, and Sir getting the dream was a true validation for me that God has taken my seva wholeheartedly. It was truly a miracle for me. I am truly overwhelmed with emotions about this dream.

We visited Shree Venkateshwara temple today at Cary. And as we were doing namaskara both Tulasi and flowers fell from the Lord. Another validation that this blog and the work I do tirelessly without any expectations is truly blessed by the Almighty.

As my extended family, and with kind permission from Canchi Sir, I am sharing this.

Thanks once again to each and everyone of you for the support. I am truly blessed.

15 years of Blogging – A million thanks

On this day, Avidhava Navami I would like to dedicate this post to my Mother, my beloved Amma.

Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava, Aachaarya Devo Bhava, Athithi Devo Bhava

To this date and month, I have completed 15 years of blogging. I would always pick up the phone and tell Amma any new post or updates about my blog. She was always so happy, and quite amazed how I always balanced my personal life and professional life.

This blog means a lot to me. I truly cannot express my feelings in words. What started as a personal space for me to have all lyrics, slokas, festival pooja vidhis, and food recipes at one place has now turned into a huge resource not for just me but millions across the world.

I remember when I started the blog there was nothing available on YouTube, not many websites for lyrics or any resources for festivals. 15 years later, you can see thousands of YouTube resources, blogs for almost anything and everything. None of that changed my dedication to my blog, and the time and energy I put towards updating it.

I always felt, if the blog helps one person to be able to recite stotra, songs – I would be blessed. Hearing from so many of you across the world, I know it has helped thousands. And your blessings have carried me through good, bad and tough days in life.

I shared many authentic recipes, especially made by my Amma and Ajji – you all prepared the same, and were happy to share your own recipes and twists of the same.

I shared my heart out when I lost dear and near ones – You supported me like your own. The number of messages, emails, and texts you all sent helped me pass through those tough days.

I shared my challenges when I broke my leg, when I had severe leg pain for years – You prayed for me and a few of you visited Mantralaya and prayed for me to not have surgery, and Almighty Lord and Rayaru heard your prayers and healed me with no major complications.

I shared good news about my Daughter completing her Medical School, and in a matter of 2 more years will be an Orthopedic Surgeon, You all celebrated with me and shared your best wishes.

I shared my very personal dreams with you all, whether it be about Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Narashima or our beloved Rayaru. You all felt ecstatic just reading my post.

I share my visits to several holy places, temples I visit across the world, and you all provide numerous suggestions and share your experiences

When someone asks for lyrics, there are several of you who volunteer to share lyrics at the earliest and send me the same.

What an amazing extended family I have in my life, very rarely do we get this kind of blessings from God and I feel truly humble to be able to have this in my life.

This blog has helped me be a better person everyday and every second. There are several of you who reach out to me, and to be able to talk to you one on one and guide you all through in this tough and challenging world in itself is a blessing from God.

Once again, thanks to each and every one of you who read this blog. A million thanks.

And saluting my Mother again on this day.

मातृदेवीम नमस्तुभ्यं मम जन्मदात्रिम त्वम् नमो नमः । बाल्यकाले मां पालन कृत्वा मातृकाभ्यो त्वम् नमाम्यहम ॥

I, Salute my Mother who gave me birth; I also salute my other Mothers (women) who added knowledge and wisdom to my actions and life to make me a good human being.

The above sloka credit to @bhargavasarma twitter thread.

Moved to North Carolina

While we were in India, as I mentioned we visited NR Colony Mutta almost everyday we were in Bangalore. The day we were supposed to fly back, I had tears in my eyes since there was no way in Maryland I could visit temple everyday, not even possible every week. The Rayaru mutta is quite far and takes almost an hour drive on toll road. Lord Almighty and beloved Rayaru heard my prayers. 

Due to COVID the past two years I have not traveled for work and there is no need in the near future also for me to travel. Our Daughter who will be soon doing her Senior year in Residency asked why we shouldn’t move to North Carolina so we could be close to her. We thought not a bad idea, found an amazing new Apartment and moved 3 weeks back. Our Maryland home is there as is, we have not rented or sold it. We will visit our home quite often and hopefully move back once our Daughter finishes her residency in 2 years.

This home in North Carolina is just 6 mins from the Shree Venkateshwara temple and Shree Krishna Vrindavana, NC. We visit both temples 2-3 times a week. It has been amazing being part of the Thursday evening Rayaru Bhajane at Shree Krishna Vrindavana. Yesterday, at Shree Krishna Vrindavana we witnessed Amavasysa Durga Pooja. It was the first time ever I recited Shree Lalitha Sahasranama.

The first visit to Lord Venkateshwara temple, as I was looking at the Lord and thinking ” I didn’t get to see you in India, we were nervous visiting Tirupathi, you at least are going to give me darshana here every week”. A flower from the right side of Lord Venkateshwara fell. It was amazing and I just can’t express my happiness.

If you are in North Carolina, let me know we can meet. Hope to see some of you. I already met a couple of extended family at the temple last week who follow the blog.


Blog Hits a New Record -1.7 Crore 17 Million Views

Last year 12th September 2021, I had posted about 1.6 crores 16 million views.  As I was spending sometime today, I saw the statistics and was blown away.

The first person I would tell was my Mother. I know she is somewhere up there and watching over me and blessing me as always.

I lost track especially being very busy with work in USA and now spending some time here in India. I have been blessed to attend my Ajji’s annual ceremony, visit several temples here in Bangalore, especially the Rayaru mutta at Chickpete which is almost 290 years old. I took some pictures and video with permission from the temple authorities, I will post it soon.

Today being Narashima Jayanthi, we visited NR Colony mutta. Mantralaya Swamigalu had come and we got Mudra Dharane from Swamigalu. Will post video soon.

Planning on visiting Udupi, Sonde and other nearby places. Also visiting Mantralaya. I will share all details and hope to take several pictures and videos.

I am truly thankful to all of you for all your support and hope to continue spreading my knowledge and do whatever little I can do to promote Hinduism.


And it goes without saying, my sincere namaskaras to Lord Almighty and our beloved beloved RAYARU.


Pitru Devo Bhava

Today 8th January is my Father’s birthday. He turns today 88 years old. If you follow my blogs, you know everything I have learned is from my Father. Yes, we all learn life sessions from our Parents. But for me, my Father is also my spiritual guide, my one and only one Guru. From teaching me how to do Naivedya to what stotra to recite while doing Mangalaruthi, he is my God. He is my Father and he is also my Mother since the day we lost our Amma.

During his bday I would like to dedicate a sloka which is so appropriate for everything that my Father has done to me and is still doing and helping us in our Spiritual journey.

The sloka brought tears to me because it is everything that I would like to convey to my Father. My sister echoes the same sentiments and so does my brother.

Such an amazing sloka, saw it somewhere that it is from Mahabharatha.

पिता स्वर्गः पिता धर्मः पिता परमकं तपः ।
पितरि प्रीतिमापन्ने सर्वाः प्रीयन्ति देवताः ॥

pitā swargaḥ pitā dharmaḥ pitā paramakaṃ tapaḥ |
pitari prītimāpanne sarvāḥ prīyanti devatāḥ ||

My Father is my heaven my father is my dharma my father is the ultimate penance of my life. If a father is happy, all Gods are pleased.

I dedicate this blog to my Father. He is my Father, he is my Mother, he is my guide, he is my Spiritual Guru.


Have a Blessed 2022

2021 was tough for many of us. It was COVID doing it’s turn with different variants, and also loss of several lives. I lost so many relatives and the most devastating one was My Mysore Ajji, who we lost in May of 2021. We were coming to terms with the loss of my Mother when we lost Ajji. It was very tough since the entire India was in lockdown.

We hope to travel to India at least for the 2nd anniversary of our Mother in early March. 2022 No idea what rules will be in place for COVID and what new variant will come.

As you all know, I make no new year’s resolution. If I need to change anything, I try to do it today and not wait for New Years. Hopefully, all of you will have a blessed 2022. Hopefully, COVID will slowly become an Endemic instead of continuing as a Pandemic.

I promise to continue to write more and more in the year 2022. I hope I can travel to several of places I want to visit in India and post about them. I hope I can learn more about our scriptures and share them in my own language which inspires many. I hope I can continue to learn lot more from my Father and keep posting those amazing snippets he shares with me.

Once again, Have a blessed 2022. Stay safe, stay vaccinated, stay healthy, stay blessed, and stay connected.

Blog Hits a New Record -1.6 Crore 16 Million Views

Last year I had posted about 1.4 crores 14 million views. I lost track of the number of visitors and never paid any attention when it had even crossed 1.5 crores 15 million views. As I was spending sometime today, I saw the statistics and was blown away.

The first person I would tell was my Mother. I know she is somewhere up there and watching over me and blessing me as always.

To be honest today when I saw the number, I had tears in my eyes. The love and affection I have received from so many of you even without seeing you all is truly humbling. How blessed and lucky I am to be able to receive the same from all of you.

To know I inspire so many of you to be able to perform pooje, to have a work life balance, and to be able to show that no matter what high position we are at work, no matter where you live, no matter how much you earn, at the end of the day if you are not able to submit yourself to the Almighty Lord what use is this amazing gift of life we have been given.

I always thought if my blog is able to inspire 1 person, my goal is achieved. I thought the same at work also, if I am able to motivate 1 person to look at my work ethics, my passion, and say “If Meera is able to reach such amazing position at work, why not me?”. With your emails, texts, messages, and messages on LinkedIn I know I have inspired so many of you in your spiritual, life and work journey.


And it goes without saying, my sincere namaskaras to Lord Almighty and our beloved beloved RAYARU.


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