Here are the links to listen to the audio at youtube. If you have audio/video of any of the devotional songs and would like to share it with everyone, please feel free to send it my way. I will add it to youtube, and publish it here. This would really help people outside of India, who don’t have access to so many resources to learn and sing these devotional songs. This time, when I visit India, I will make every effort to record as many songs as possible from many of my relatives, who have learnt music professionally. Of course, I am waiting to record songs from my Mysore Ajji, who is 91 years old, and post it here.

1. Aaruthi belagire Nariyaru Bega on Goddess Lakshmi

2. Poojipene Ninna on Goddess Lakshmi

3. Yelu Kadala on Goddess Lakshmi:

4. Nere Nambhide on Lord Panduranga

5. Raya Baro on Shri Raghavendra Swamy

6. Narashima Nembo Devana on Lord Shri Lakshmi Narashima

7. Vande Vandyam on Shri Lord krishna

8. Pahi Pahi Raghavendra Guru – Shri Raghavendra Guru Bhajane

9. Thoogire Rayara on Shri Raghavendra Swamy

10. Shri Keshava Nama – Isha Nimma Padha Bhajane

11. Indu Yenage Govinda

12. Mangalarathi Thandu Belagire on Goddess Lakshmi

13. Shri Vijaya Kavacha.

14. Shri Mangala Devi Ninage Pranama

15. Listen to Pt.Bhimsen Joshi and Mrs.M.S.Subbalakshmi sing Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma here at youtube:

16. Sri Raghavendra Swamy Suprabhatha sung by Ms. Lakshmi

17. Maane Varthe Haadu Sung by Mrs. Lakshmi Subbarao

18. Madhvesharpanamasthu sung by Mr. B.G. Subbarao

19. Thulasi Kalyaana Haadu by Ms. Rekha S Srinivasan

20. Tulasi Sankeerthaney (Govinda Govinda Raama) by Ms. Rekha S Srinivasan

21. Sampat Shukravarada Haadu


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  1. malini Says:

    dear mam ..can u upload the audio for rayaru kavacha….

    1. shri vyshnavi nandan Says:

      this is very fine, good song

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  2. Guru Prasath Says:

    Can you please upload the song ” Rathava Nerida ..” by Vidhyabushana Thirtha in this site

  3. Guru Prasath Says:


    Where can we get the Sanskrit Raghavendra Suprabhatam by P.B Srinivas and S. Janaki.This used to get aired in the AIR very long time back

    1. I am S. Muralidharan hailing from a middle class Maadhwa Brahmin family aged 49 yrs, now working in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – East Africa; living a forced bachelor life.
      I am interested to listen to Sri Raghavendra Swamy’s suprabatham rendered by P.B. Srinivas and S. Janaki.
      Also, classicals and devotionals rendered by Vidya Bhushana & Puthur Narasimma artists. Can you please respond?


      S. Muralidharan
      Dar es Salaam
      My Mobile: +255718571607

      1. K.RAGHU Says:

        dear muralidharan today only i saw your message. if you want that songs and slogams you mail to me. …raghu

    2. neetha hegde Says:

      hai meera wonderful site doing a very good job

  4. meeraghu Says:

    Guru Prasath,
    You can listen to these songs at I will not be uploading any songs myself which are copyright protected.

    1. mohan kumar Says:

      I tried to download songs from of god shiva,laxmi etc but I was unable to do so,because the files are in ram.exe, how can I down load to my PC ,plz help about this ,I tried so many times but unable to download.

      waiting for your reply



      1. Manjunath Prasad Says:

        Hi Mohan,

        I am a pretty new for this site. i saw your post, so i know how to download from

        1) Download & Save that RAM file

        2) Then Open that downloaded file with notepad, there you ll get one URL.

        3) Just give that URL in address bar of your browser.

        4) then save your song and play whenever you want………


  5. Roopa Vittal Says:

    It’s very pleasure to see this site. It’s very useful madhwa ladies. Can we get MADHWA NAMA audio in this site.

    Roopa Vittal.

  6. srujana jutur Says:

    wel sang mam.mam vil u pls sing some more songs on lord mahalakshmi

  7. Very good,I am really greatful to u all.Please make more efforts to record some more devara namas

  8. vidya Says:

    its a wonderful site for madhwa ladies. could find the lyrics for baro venkatesha banege baro venkatesha.

  9. Rohini Says:

    Hi Meera, Nice to see new songs. Can you please update some more Mangala aarti songs with tunes (Satyanarayana / Dasavatara mangala aarti). Can you please give the lyrics in English too as I cannot read Kannada …

    Sure, Rohini. I always try to post the lyrics in English as well. Some due to time constraints haven’t been translated. I will as soon as possible.

  10. Vanita Says:

    Hi Meera,

    Thank you so much for uploading these golden hits songs. It feels so much close to home. I really appreciate your hard work.

    Thanks, Vanita

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    Hi Meera, Thanks for the songs . I am Shobha from Muscat. Can you please up load Lakshmi Shobane. You will be doing a big favour.

  12. Shirish Torvi-Kulkarni Says:

    Dear Meera Madam,

    It’s really soothing to hear the songs in a natural voice with no unnecessary music, especially, “Toogi re rayara toogire gurugala, tugire yadikula tilakara….” is the BEST!!!.

    It would be great if you can upload a song on lord Sri Narasimha

    ” Namisuve Prahlada Varada Narasimhana, ……Toraaviye narasimha, nira narasimha, yoga narasimaha , bhoga narasimha……..namisuve prahalada varada narasimha

  13. narayan vadeyar Says:

    A very delightful experience Accept heart felt thanks to you for this great job .looking forward to more ….. god bless you……..

    Thanks Narayan for your wonderful comments.

  14. narayan vadeyar Says:

    AS I am getting involved more and more in activities promoting our madhwa siddanta ,happy moments pass .please suggest what more can be my involvement. Iintend to blog a couple of poems written by me on sree ananda teertharu . udupi shree krishna .pls await more in the near future. HARE SREENIVASA

    Sounds great, Narayan. let me know if you need any help.

  15. narayan vadeyar Says:


    Click on the subscribe image on the left hand side of the site. You will be asked to enter your email ID, and will receive updates as soon as I post new information.

  16. Nagu Rao Says:

    Dear Meera,

    I am sending two of my songs that are on the You Tube. If you like them, kindly post them on your site. The links to the songs are:-

    With love and best wishes


    1. meeraghu Says:

      Thanks Nagu. Wonderful songs. The links have been approved, so anyone can just click on the links and listen.

      Thanks again.

  17. Balaji Rao Says:

    i want raghavendra suprabhatam by S janaki and P B srinivas in sanskrit which is very old one. I tried very much but i cant get any where. Please upload if u have that.

  18. gayathri Says:

    wow!!wonderful collection of songs ..very nice ..and the new webpage is excellent !!!


    Poojipene ninna haadu chennagi moodi bandide, Aadare adu ardhadindale start agiddu, modaleradu nudigalu keli baralilla, adakke idannu saripadisi.


    Poojipene ninna haadu chennagi moodi bandide, Aadare adu ardhadindale start aagiddu, modalina eradu nudigalu keli baralilla, dayavittu saripadisi.


    Panchartna Suladigalu kelabekagittu , adannu post madi.


    Nitya Sankshipta Sandhya Vandane, Nitya Sankshipta Pooja vidhana, Brahmayagna ivugalannu sankshiptavagi maduva vidhana, Nitya pathaniya shlokagalu, nitya Harikathamrutha saarada aayda mahatwada shlokagalu ityadi post maadidare ellarigu anukool aagutte.

  23. gayathri Says:

    very very happy !!!i became a big fan of ur blog..what a collection of lakshmi songs!!wow!!today while doing laksmi pooja i listened all the laksmi songs in ur blog..thank u so much …

    Most welcome, Gayathri. Thanks so much. Appreciate your comments very much.

  24. Rathna rao Says:

    Namaskara Meera avarige
    Sampathshukravarada haadu huduktha iddada nimma blog sikthu. Thumbaaa khushi ayithu.Ivattu first shravana shukruvaara.Computer yedurige aa haadanna print maadi haadikonde.Nimagu saakashtu punya bandide ivattu specially!
    Matte nannadondu request.Namma thaayi haaduttidda ondu sampradaya haadu bekagittu.adara modala saalu nenapilla.bahushaha adu Uyyale lakshmidu anasatte.”maiyyanu nodade kaiyyanu nodade uyyaleyagi kelasa maaduvavalu siridevi”antha madhya baratte.Nimma collectionnalliddare khanditha prakatisi.BTW,Happy Varamahalakshmi vritha!
    Rathna Rao

    Ratna Avare, Thumba Thumba dahnyavadagalu. I don’t have that song, but will try to find. Thanks for the wonderful comments.

  25. Madhuri Says:

    If anyone has “Shreeramage arutiya Nariyaru Belaguvevu” full song please post it. I have only two verses and am trying to find the rest.

    Madhuri, haven’t heard this. But, will try to find.

  26. Praveena Anand Says:


    I am looking for the Audio file of the following song(Ranga Vittala):


    If you know any links from where we can listen/download this song, please let me know.

    Praveena Anand

    I am not sure I have heard this song. Please check in It has many devotional songs.

  27. P B Savitha Says:

    Waiting for Mysore Ajji’s song, please upload as early as possible.
    We wish her good health

  28. Rathna rao Says:

    Namaskara Meera avare,
    Nimma sangrahadalli Sri Krishanana laali haadu”Shraavana ashtami naduraathriyalli”iddare dayavittu prakatisutteera?

    Meera: I don’t think I have. But, I will check.

  29. Gayithri sudarshan Says:

    Dear Meera Madam

    Thanks for this wonderful songs.Please post Tulasi pooja sons.

    Thank You

    Gayithri Sudarshan

  30. Aravind Says:

    We hear an interupted music / song of “Vijaya kawacha ” & Bhimsen Joshi’s “Bhaghyada Lakshmi Baaramma…

    Please look into and correct the same.

    Thanks and Regards

  31. Vasu Murari Says:


    Can you please post in your website the date of Pariyaya in the year 2010 and the name of the next Pariyaya Swami and the Mutt to which he belongs.

    This info may be needed by many people desiring to participate in the festival and to plan their travel programmes.


    Vasu Murari

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Yes, As soon as I get that information. I have no idea right now.

  32. Hemanth Says:

    Hi mam, i need Ranga baro panduranga baro which is sung by a male singer i dont know who has sung this song, i hope so there are so many people sung this song in different rythm & different in lyrics but i think so u will help me out, i ll be waiting for ur feedback, thank you……

  33. meeraghu Says:

    Let me search for the song. If I find one on youtube, I will post it here.

  34. Bharathi Says:

    Hi Meera,
    Thanks for posting the lyrics and audio of Tulasi sankeerthanegalu. Great work !

    Thanks & Regards

  35. Vishali Says:

    Hi madam, I need Jaya Jaya Veeve Raghavendra… song sung by Sri Vidyabhushan ji on you tube or mp3 Can you please upload this. I’m not getting anywhere other than Kannada Can you please upload this song in your site. Thanks in advance.

  36. meeraghu Says:

    Those songs are all copyrighted. Can’t upload here.

  37. Jayatheertha Says:

    I need jo jo sri krishna paramananda song.please let me know where I can find it.

    1. meeraghu Says:

      It is already uploaded here, check the lyrics page.

      1. Sha Says:

        Is there an audio file somewhere? my mom used to sing to me to make me go to sleep.
        its really an awesome song. I wouldnt mind paying for it.

  38. Anand Says:


    I am looking for lyrics of the song “Hanumanta Hanumanta”. The song (sung by Raichur Seshagiri Das) is available in Kannada Audio is just superb. After listening to this song, I am interested to read the lyrics of this great dasara pada.

    Please let me if you have this or the link.

    Hare Srinivasa!

  39. meeraghu Says:

    Haven’t heard that song, Anand. I will find out if someone has and post if I get it.

  40. nandagopal Says:

    I am looking for audio song of ‘vande vandyam sadanandam’ sung by Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna in the film ‘Madhwacharya’ by G. V. Iyer. Kindly help. Youtube site given only video version which cannot be downloaded.

    1. vk Says:

      Here you can download this song:
      “Vande Vandyam” by Balamuralikrishna | mp3 length: (4÷17), 1.2 MB (40 kbps — “telephone voice”)

  41. Roopa Says:

    Can u upload the audio of suladhi’s.

    Roopa Vittal.

  42. Saagar Says:

    Dear Madam,

    Very nice and interesting Postings….

    Hope, will get very good knowledge to see your blog……

    Pls look once the blog I created in the name of our guruji and get in touch….


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  44. raghuprem Says:

    can you please upload Dvasha stotra??

    Thank you

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    Please help me to listen “lakshmi narayana hrudayam”
    thank you

  46. brund Says:

    Hi Meera,

    Hats Off ! for the great work that your doing. I wanted the lyrics of “shri raghu rama padambuja brungane …” by Appanacharya on Rayaru. My mother in law wants to sing this sonf 33 times as seva during adhika masa. Please help me in this regard.

  47. meeraghu Says:

    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. I am not sure I have heard the song, I don’t remember seeing the lyrics in my books either. I will check again and if found will post it here.
    Sorry about that.

  48. lalitha Says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    Request you to kindly let me know frm where could i get the song Kalyana Rupaya Kalaujananam.Kalyana datre karuna sutapte..kambadi divyayuta shaktaraya..vatalayadish namo namaste … i want to record the same.


  49. Rakhi Says:

    Thank you for these videos.

  50. Rakhi Says:

    Thank you for these comments…

  51. k.usha Says:

    simply super. This blog is reminding me the songs sung by my mother. I am eager to listen some more songs on godesses Lakshmi.

  52. Aarthi Jois Says:

    Can you please publish the English version of the lyrics for the song “Kori Karave guru SriRaghavendrane”. I was able to listen to the song sung by Puttu Narasimha Nayak in his album DasaManjari. I was not able to get the lyrics anywhere on the web. I really appreciate your service and thank you for the same – Aarthi Jois

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Let me check my books, if it is there I will definitely post the same. I do remember seeing it. However, it is in Kannada. Translating into English and posting will take some time. Have been very busy at work and will be traveling a lot from next week as well.

    2. Lakshman Says:

      P: kOri kareve guru shrI rAghavEndrane bArO mahA prabhuvE
      A: cAru caraNa yuga sAri namipe bEga bAro hrUdaya suja sAra rUpava tOri
      C1: elli nODalu hari alle kaNuvanendu kShulla kambavanoDedu
      nillade narahari celvike tOrida pulla lOcana shishu prahallaAdanAgi bArO
      2: dOSa kaLedu simhAsana ErIda dAsakulava poreda
      shrIsha narcakanAgi poshisi hari mata vyAsatrayava gaidu vEsha kaLedu bArO
      3: mUrjaga mAnita tEjO virAjita mAjada mahA mahima
      OjigoLisi mati rAjiva bodadi pUjegendu gururAja rUpadi bArO
      4: mantra sadanadoLu santa sujanarige sanotOSa siri garedu
      kantu pitana pAda santata sEvipa shAnta mUruti ennanta rangadi bArO
      5: I samayadi ennAse ninnoLu balu sUsi hariyutihudO
      kUsige janani nirase goLisuvaLe doSa kaLedu viThalEsha hrUdaya bArO

  53. ajit kumar kulkarni Says:

    I need Jaya Jaya Veeve Raghavendra… song sung by Sri Vidyabhushan ji on you tube or mp3 Can you please upload this. I’m not getting anywhere other than Kannada Can you please upload this song in your site. Thanks in advance.

      1. I like this you tube jaya jaya veeva Ragavendra. This song was so good. I feel like I wanted to hear the same again and again. I got lyrics of this song in Tamil.

      2. meeraghu Says:

        That is the power of our beloved Gurugalu.

  54. Vishali Says:

    I have mp3 of Jaya Jaya Veeve Raghavendra… song sung by Sri Vidyabhushan ji but i don’t know how to upload it here. Please tell me how to upload so that i can do it here.

  55. Rashmi Says:

    Can you please check if you can find the song ” Raya baro raghavendra baro” song? I am not sure about the singer but this song comes on Suvarna channel – Guru raghavendra vaibhava serial telecasted at 10 pm. The song comes wen the serial is over. I tried a lot to search this song but did not succeed.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you..

  56. Nagashree Says:

    All the above devotional songs are just awesome!!!!!

    Kindly give me the link for MP3 format of lakshmi shobhane song and mane varthe hadu if possible so that i can save in my mobile…


    1. meeraghu Says:

      I don’t have the mp3. I had taken my Macbook when I went to India, and asked my Mom to sing and recorded directly from the laptop.

  57. bhavyashree Says:

    Hello Sir,
    Please send me “tulasi madyadi iruva krishna noda banni” song.
    That is my favorite song pls pls send me .



    1. meeraghu Says:

      This is nor sir. I am a lady. Anyway, I don’t have the lyrics.

  58. Anirudh Says:

    Can u upload Dwadasha stotra (Preenayamo Vasudevam) plz?

  59. bhagya.s Says:

    hi mera madam,

    could u please upload dari kanadagide ‘ದಾರಿ ಕಾಣದಾಗಿದೆ ರಾಘವೇಂದ್ರನೆ ‘ song or give me any pointers to that song

  60. poornima Says:

    hi mam ll u be able to send me narashima nembo devanu song .
    plz mam i ve been searchn for this since 6 yrs

  61. Sachin Kulkarni Says:

    Dear Mam
    Thank you very much for all these wonderful songs. We, here in melbourne say astotara once in 2 months. Is it possible for you to post the proper way to say the ‘Ragvendra Swamy Astotara’. It is a great effort and dedication from your side for which you will be reward. Wish you all the best and God bless you.

  62. sudhindra Says:

    Is anybody knows the link for “VAYUSTITHI”. If yes please share the same link, which should be downloadable.


  63. Dear Meera,

    Could you please upload the Madhwanama song,as I would like to learn it by this Madhwanawami?

    Priya Nagarajan

    1. meeraghu Says:

      It has been posted a long time back. Please check the main page and also the lyrics page. Both have links.

  64. vijay.g.kathavate Says:

    I will be thankful if you please upload audio songs by mysore ramachadracharya,and Om namo bhagavate Vasudevaya ringtone by suresh waadkar

  65. Anusha Says:

    I need two of devotional songs, Thungateeradi nintha, Rathavanerida Raghavendra to download it into my phone but i’m not getting the link.
    Please send it to my mail.
    It would be helpfull.

  66. Uma Says:


    This site is very useful. thank you so much who worked on this… I need a song to play in Srinivasa Kalyana puja time… plz post ….

    Thanks & Regards,

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    HI Mam

    Please can you upload the song Raya Baro Raghavendra Baro .I must say that your blog is very helpful and informative indeed.

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Not sure I have heard this song. Have you checked Many devotional songs are there.

  68. Mini Says:

    Hi Meera
    Would you have the song “Vara Mantralaya Karunapa Yonidhi Paripaaliso Guru Raghavendra….”?

    1. meeraghu Says:

      No, Mini. Haven’t heard that song.

  69. lalitha Says:

    post me the below lyric/stotra

    Kalyana Rupaya Kalaujananam.Kalyana datre karuna sutapte..kambadi divyayuta shaktaraya..vatalayadish namo namaste …

  70. anaya Says:

    Dear Mam……
    Can you get the song video”GANESH STUTI”It starts like….

  71. amithpai Says:

    i want the song rangayya rangayya rangayya aluvudyatakatha ranga ataranjipagumma

    and plzz follow me by email i want the song urgently

  72. amithpai Says:

    plzzzzzzzzz i want the song mp3 version of rangayya rangayya rangayya

    aluvudyathak atharanga atharanjipagumma

    huttidelu divasadalli original studio clear version in mp3 plzzzzzzz send d link to my email

  73. visit for videos of various artists on dasara padagalu

  74. […] section and you will be listed with several songs. There are several songs as well on the audio on youtube […]

  75. This blog is really good…do u have a krishna song which is palayachuta palayadita palaya kamalalaya..

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Not at this time.

  76. Vidya Says:

    Hi Mam,
    U have uploaded good songs…

    Can u please upload loka bharitano..

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Will do.

    2. ಕ೦ಚಿ ಗೋಪಾಲಕೃಷ್ಣ ಭಜನಾ ಮಂಡಳಿ kanchi gopalakrishna bhajana mandaLi

      ಈ ಭಜನಾ ಮ೦ಡಳಿಗೆ ನೂರಾರು ವರ್ಷಗಳ ಇತಿಹಾಸವಿದೆ.
      This Bhajana ManDaLi has started for more than 100 years.

      ನೀವು ತು೦ಬಾ ಭಜನೆಗಳನ್ನು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಕೇಳಬಹುದು.
      You will find lot many Hindu Bhajans here.

  77. amma Says:

    I have uploaded Krishna Jayanthi at my home.

    Regards Amma

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Very nice, Amma. Thanks for sharing such wonderful video.

  78. preethi Says:

    can u plz plz provide me a link to download this song?? i really like this song
    thank u…

    1. amma Says:

      I am happy you all liked it
      Here is the URL for the song

      God bless and take care every one
      Love Lakshmi – Amma

  79. Girija Ramakrishna Says:

    Dear Mam,

    Can you upload audio on Varava Kode Thayi.


  80. Vasuki Gonur Says:

    Hi Meera Avrae,

    I felt I am extreemly bleesed to found this web site today. I was searching for something, and ended up with this site. I just want to know is there any lyrics availble for “Namaste Pranesha song” sung by Sri Vidayabhushana. Also I want to know do you have tune for “Idu nenage Dharmave Indiresha” which is in Bhajana Chandrika Songs Book.

    Thank You,

  81. Dhruv Says:

    respected madam,

    I am very badly in need of Raghavendra Suprabhatha by P.B.Sreenivos and S.Janaki..can u please upload the mp3 song in mediafire or rapidshare and upload the link? Please help me me and my amma r ardent raghavendra swami devotees..

  82. Padma Rao Says:

    Dear Meera,

    Thank you for providing link to excellent collection of songs on youtube. Is it possible to download these songs so that I can listen to them even when I am not connected to the net (especially on long flights…since I have a touring job). Appreciate your response!
    Thanks and Regards,

  83. Says:

    hello, can you upload this lord ganesha song, i hear this song in Suvarna channel at morning. I don’t know the name of this song the lyric is below,

    Ekadantha ninnage koti vandane, OM…. vakrathunda ninage bhakthi arpane OM….

    Something like this, and let me know where can i download this song. Please..

  84. Simi Says:

    Please take care of the Alpa prana Mahaprana in one of the songs above : nere nambinde mad hrudaya mantapadoLu, it is sung as rudaya, baya, patha, suka dukka., saka, nikila muka…..etc…kannada spashtavaagirali…dayavittu…..

  85. Revathi Says:

    Please I need saraswathi kavacham audio and lyrics.

  86. ramu Says:

    Can I get two popular stutis i.e.Smara krishnam bhaja harim -Hitopadesha and Palayachyutha palayajita – krishna stuti sung by Vidya bhushan? If u get that please upload and inform me at
    I am waiting to liistening to these from
    many years…….

  87. Guru Prasad Says:

    can anyone help me download mp3 guru rayara sevisiro song please, iam not getting it anywhere.

  88. prasad Says:

    thanks mam this is indeed a nice collection.

  89. Archana Says:

    can u please load lyrics for magalarthi tambubelagire song …


  90. thank transported me to my childhood and the good times at our family poojas and Rayara matha gettogethers..great songs

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Thanks, Sudha.

  91. Jayanthi Says:

    Hello Madam,
    i want to have audio for lakshmi sobhane. the way in which it is usually sung in temples.


  92. Kavya Says:

    Hi Meera,

    Please find the link for Dashavatara stuti composed by Vadirajaru & sung by Shri Vidhyabhushan below:

    It is such a beautiful song with a nice & calming effect.


  93. Kala Says:

    Very nice song .can be heard again and again with concentration.

  94. Joshila .H.Srinivas Says:

    I’m Joshila i got a very nice songs which i had forgot the lyrics but only starting few lines i cud sing vande vandyam is my most favourite song since i was too young but today i’m my soul and heart ……………….. its difficult to explain. Thanks…………..

  95. madivalasrihari Says:

    how to get free member in your honour web mrs meera please send daily updates to my mail id

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    Thank you for creating this portal

  97. Shailaja Anand Says:

    Namaskara, can u pl.give the lyricsof song Rangana Ranige Manjula Venige anganigharbada bayakegalu which will be sngduring srimanthashastra for the pregnant ladies

  98. Mukund Gubbi Says:

    excellent collection of audio/videos! With Best wishes to all the concerned.

  99. vani Joshi Says:

    S Janaki and S P Balabubramanya avaru haadiruva rayara suprabhatha upload madi. and lakshmi song ardha haadu bandide aadannu full upload madi.nanage kalpavruksha website ninda ella habbada acharane and haadu and tindigalu tilidukonde .Thanks

  100. Madhav BR Says:

    Hi Meera,

    It is very nice to see lots of songs and lyrics uploaded by you. Kind request to you is to upload lyrics of Bhaje Benne Neduvve Baro Ranga. Will be helpful a lot.


    This is verygoo effort upload raghavendrasuprabhatam and and all lakshmi Davis

  102. bhavanadamle Says:

    Got a chance to listen Sri Jayateertha Mevundi at Kala Academy, Goa

  103. vani joshi Says:

    navu brahmins namage functionge chennagi aduge maduvavaru beku adakke nanage kelavu olle adugeyavara phone no tilisi

    1. meeraghu Says:

      I don’t have any such list, Vani.

  104. savitri v a Says:

    thanks meera raghu – my nephew is a professional flutist – his name is Tejasvi Raghunath – two music albums (audio) are released so far – Bamboo Breeze, Tejomayam – Bamboo breeze is available for listening in YOUTUBE – TEJOMAYAM recently released and requirement of audio CD from any one can be sent to

  105. arun Says:


    Please help by sharing palayachuta song sung by Vani Jayaram. Looking for the same for many years.

    Arun Bharadwaj

  106. Ravi Says:

    Realy wonderful site

  107. Kanthilakshmi Sridhar Says:

    Mam, I am having lyrics ‘palayachyutha’, but, I want to listen it sung by Mrs.Ratnamala Prakash & co nearly in 90s. me.

    1. Kanthilakshmi Sridhar Says:

      Mam I want to hear Palayachyutha sung by Ratnamala Prakash and co which I was searching since long help me from where shall I hear it

  108. shilpa Says:

    very nice to hear…..

  109. Prabakaran P Rao Says:

    Namaskara, where can I find the procedure to perform sandhyavandhana for madhwa brahmins Rig vedha.

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