Nava Brindavana

Nava Brindavana is a small island in the Tungabhadra river near Hampi or Vijayanagar.


Here, Nine(Nava)  Brindavana are installed in same place.

They are:

  1. Shree Padmanabha Teertharu
  2. Shree Kaveendra Teertharu.
  3. Shree Vageesha Teertharu.
  4. Shree Jaya Teertharu or Shree Raghuvarya : There is some confusion here.
  5. Shree Vyasa Teertharu.
  6. Shree Srinivasa Teertharu.
  7. Shree Rama Teertharu.
  8. Shree Govinda Vodeyar.
  9. Shree Sudheendra Teertharu.

Hampi is in Bellary district and it is approachable from Bangalore by rail or road. The nearest airport is Bellary. The nearest train stop is Bellary. There are direct buses from Bangalore and other places in Karnataka to Hospet and even Hampi apart from Bellary.

This is one of the most holy spots for Madhwas as it contains the Brindavanas (final resting place of nine Madhwa saints).

The Brindavana of Vyasa Theerta is at the centre while the Brindavana of other eight saints are in a rough circle. There is a yellow line drawn around the periphery of the Brindavanas.

Do not cross this line.

You have to go in a boat or Theppa from Hampi to visit Nava Brindavana. It is located east of Anegundi, which was the earlier capital of the Vijayanagar dynasty before it was shifted to Hampi.

You can catch a ferry either from Gangavathi side or Hampi side (Talagarighatta Gate).

There are shrines dedicated to Ranganatha and Hanuman here.

Poojas commence around 10-30 a.m., Devotees and visitors are advised not to do pradakshina of the Brindavanas in wet clothes. Try to time your visit in the morning.

It is on this island that Vyasa Raja in his earlier avatar as Prahalada had meditated to get rid of his dosha of getting his father, Hiranyakashapyu, killed by Lord Narasimha.

Some of the saints who have visisted Nava Brindavana are Raghavendra Swamy and  Raghottama Theertha among others and Purandara Dasa and Kanaka Dasa.

Below are links for details about nine Madhwa saints in Nava Brindavana.

Madhwa saints in Nava Brindavana

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