Shree Raghavendra Satsangha – June Sunday 19th @ Maryland

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It is quite well known to everyone who knows me and follows my blog that I am a devotee of our Beloved Rayaru. You also know that I had posted 3 reviews of the book “SRI RAGHAVENDRA – THE SAINT OF MANTRALAYA” given to my by Sri Canchi Ravi Sir.

While I was reading the 3rd volume was when I received a text from Sri Rajaraman Nagarajan asking me to join his whatsapp group of interested Raghavendra Swamy devotees. At first I hesitated to join and when he said it was Raghavendra Swamy prerane and that’s why he was asking me to join I said yes and gave him my phone number.

The next few days he mentioned he was coming to Maryland to Smt Vandana’s house for Satsangha and asked us to join. I agreed and My Husband and I went to Smt. Vandana’s house in the evening at Gaithesburg. There were 4 more families who had come and none of us knew each other. In spite of not knowing anyone, the Satsangha went so nicely, we were all sharing Rayaru miracles almost until 11.00 PM in the night. Sri Rajaraman Nagarajan called me and Smt Vani who was also there and said based on his prerane from Rayaru that we wanted me and Smt Vani to carry the torch of conducting these Satsangha in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area. We said yes and returned home. After a few weeks Sri Rajaraman Nagarajan again asked us what was our plan and that’s when Smt Vani and I decided to have the Satsangha at my place on June 19th. Sri Rajaraman Nagarajan is one of the greatest devotees of our Beloved Rayaru I have seen. He is very active in NJ, and also owns the website. If you listen to his miracles you will be just amazed to know the blessings of our Rayaru.

Same goes to all of the couple who attended the Satsangha in Smt Vanadana’s house. Once I returned from the Satsangha, I kept wondering if I was anymore a devotee of Rayaru, he has blessed so many people no matter what their caste color or creed or social status. Just unbelievable.

This post is to invite all of you who live in the Maryland, DC and Virigina area to come join us on June 19th Sunday evening at 5.30 PM for the Satsangha. Like I said it doesn’t matter whether you know anyone or not, you all know our Beloved Rayaru and have and have great devotion towards him. That’s all required for the Satsangha. We will have light dinner after the Satsangha. We will perform the Satsangha as laid out by Sri Rajaraman Nagarajan in his web site. We will share miracles which happened in our lives, we will sing songs together and last but not the least say at the end ” Thoogire Rayara Thoogire Gurugala”.

Please com join us and let your friends and family know if they are devotees of our Beloved Rayaru as well. And yes, it is fathers day and our Beloved Rayaru is our Father like we say ” Thande Ninnu Raghavendra Thayi Ninnu Raghavendra”. what a day to show our devotion to our beloved Rayaru.

Comment here with your email ID, and I will send my home address and all other details.

The Satsangha guide can be found here:


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  1. Posted by Vijay Srinivasan on June 8, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    Can you please forward me the address?



  2. Posted by Raghavendra K M on June 4, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Great news and work to get all devotees together to spend sometime talking/thinking of our beloved Rayaru !! Let this Satsangha grow with the Almighty’s blessings…


  3. Posted by Pavan on June 4, 2016 at 10:38 am

    Hi, my name is Pavan and live in Gaithersburg, MD. Can you please provide me with the details. I would like to join this event.


    • Posted by meeraghu on June 4, 2016 at 11:58 am

      Pavan, I will send all details to your gmail account. Please come. It is wonderful. Bring your family and friends as well.


  4. Thanks for the information about Shree Raghavendra Satsangha – June Sunday 19th @ Maryland. How we can participate that Satasangha as we are in South Tamil Nadu. You people are lucky to participate the same, can we see the same on online live (same time – Indian Time), Please let us know your reply immediately.


  5. awesome!


  6. Very glad to know that you are made in charge of Rayara Satsanga in Maryland, DC and Virginia areas. It all started in 2011 during our first visit to US to attend Rayara Aradhana in Sri Rajaraman’s house. Even before this, I have been getting weekly article on Mantralaya Prabhu written by another staunch devotee Sri Raghvendra Patwariji forwarded by Sri Rajaram thro his website. Both of them solved a great problem faced by me and my family. Whenever we visit US, we do not miss satsanga meeting conducted by Sri Rajaraman wherever it is held in NJ. This time we hope to attend at least one meeting under your stewardship. Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!


  7. Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha: Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha: ஓம் ஶ்ரீராகவேந்திராய நமக…
    குரு வாரத்தில் குருக்களின் தரிசனம் கோடி புண்ணியம்..
    Dear Blessed Universal Devotees of Kaliyuga Kamadhenu
    The great saint in Mantralaya ,Sri Guru Raghavendra will bless all devotees , wishes and remove their sorrows.
    Sri Raghavendra bestows everthing in life.Those who are surrendered with devotion to the lotus feet of Rayaru,will be blessed.
    Thousands of people who had joined in the Satha Koti Likitha Yagna have had their problems solved while writing, i.e people who were looking for a job got the job, people who wanted to get married got married, people who had ailments got better
    Hence,We humbly request all the Universal devotees of Sri Raghavendra ,please Join your hands in the holy venture of Universal “LIKITHA YAGNA ” and write Guru Nama to get the Divine blessings of Guru.
    To get Blank Note Books to write Guru Nama, by post,please send the kannikkai amount Rs. 30/- per book by D.D or Cheque (Rs. 300 only for 10 Books) in favour of K. NAGARAJAN ,payable at Chennai or it may be transferred through NEFT/RTGS (Internet Transfer) to our SB A/C account No. 148201000016788, Indian Overseas Bank. Ullagaram Branch, Chennai 91. IFS Code IOBA0001482.or the amount May be transferred from any Bank by Mail Transfer(10 Books is the Package for sending by post, Each book contains space to write 1008 Nama).
    On receipt of the Kannikkai with your full postal Address, we will despatch you the Blank Note Books, immidiatly by post”
    With Kind Regards,
    Srimushnam K NAGARAJAN,
    Organiser and Co Ordinator,
    Vivaha Marriage Information Centre,&
    Universal Satha Koti Sri Raghavendra Nama Likitha Yagna.
    No 42, Rajarathinam Main Road, AMS Flats, Narmadha Nagar,
    ULLAGARAM, Chennai 600 091, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Mob : 09444469340 e-mail <


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