This page and its sub pages will have all things necessary for celebrating a festival.

  1. Festival details and Pooja Vidhana
  2. Rangoli

49 Responses to “Festivals”

  1. SoumyaSatish Says:

    Iam soumya from Germany.I liked your blogs very much specially abt hindu festivals.
    We are also madhwa brahmins.I wanted some info abt the list of festivals in 2013.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. meeraghu Says:

      The calendar for 2013 hasn’t been published yet. The calendar comes during Ugadi sometime in April. I will post the links on my blog to download the panchangas.

  2. SoumyaSatish Says:

    ok thankyou very much.

  3. vanisubbu143 Says:

    please tell me method of ” mudhra dharana” ? can women apply mudhra? how?

    1. vasudevan Says:

      please send me your email id to my email id ( i will send you the mudhra dharna or you can follow the following link of uttradhimath

    2. Madhusudan Says:

      Mudhra Dharana is done by Madhwa mutt swamji on every day. It is special on Prathama Ekadashi day, as lord will go to Yoga mudra sleep for 4 months. Respective mutt sishayas should get the Mudhra dharan from their guru.

  4. sashi Says:

    Dear Meera ji,

    i AM VERY HAPPY THAT YOU ARE HELPING A LOT LIKE US, .rEALLY YOUR WORK IS SO EXCELLENT. aS I HAVE JOINED RECENTLY IN BHAJAN MANDALI. Just sine 4 to 5 days i am watching your site. I hope god bless you with lot of work to do like this.


  5. Rashmi Says:

    Hi Meera avare,
    I like your blog and i have learnt many things from you 🙂 Thanks a lot. COuld you please also try to upload mangal gauri katha audio/lyrics if you have. and also audio of sravana shanivara song if you have.

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Don’t have the book for that. It has been decades since I did that pooje.

      1. Rashmi Says:

        Oh OK 🙂 nim hatra shravana shanivara haadu ina audio idiya?

  6. pavani Says:


  7. Namaste
    I am unable to find Ganesha pooja vidhana. Please upload the pooja vidhana so that we can use it .,

    1. Madhusudan Says:

      You get it from Uttardhi Mutt Website

  8. Gowri Pooja vidhana document thumba channagide..,bahala upayogavaitu..,
    hage ganeshana pooja vidhana document upload madi plz..,

  9. Hello Meera avare,

    This is my first Ugadi away from in laws house unlike every year, as me & my husband have moved abroad this year, with the little one.

    So request you to help me in providing the details of the pooja Vidhanam, the recipes & the other details to be followed on the important festival, Ugadi.

    Would look forward for your response.

    many thanks,

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Yes, will post.

  10. mala Says:


    This is regarding nirjala yekadashi on 09-06-2014. I am a smartha. Usually I keep
    fasting on mondays. Since, I am a working women, I will take only water or coffee
    till evening. After going to temple, pooja I will take some food (not rice) with out salt.

    I worship even vishnu also. Nirjala upavasa madodrindra, mouth smell barollava ?
    Hege avoid madodu. Bayige neeru hakikondu ugiaya bahuda ?

    Please advise me. Vaikunta Ekadashi bittare, this is the first time I am trying to
    do Nirjala Yekadashi Upavasa.

    with regards

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Good question. I am not sure if you can drink water and spit it later. Since having gastrointestinal problems while in college, I never fast completely. I at least eat fruits.

  11. mala Says:


    Since there was a net problem, unable to reply. I tried to reply by mobile. I Don’t think you have received the same. Hurry !!!! by god grace and with your wishes, I successfully completed NIRJALA EKADASHI from Monday morning to Tuesday morning with out drinking and taking any food. Only ondu uddarane theertha I have takened in the temple. I am so happy. God has given me all the strenth both physically and mentally to complete this. Thank you so much madam.

    with regards,

  12. mala Says:


    I am having one question. Devara Pooje madida mele, generally yellaru devarannu thamma ishtarthagalannu pooraisuvanthe bedikollutheve. Idu sariyo thappo. Devrannu yava bedikegalannu kelade pooje maduvudu hege. Devarige yaryarige yavagyavaga yenenu kodabeku yembudu gothiruthallava. Brahma baredu kalisidannu yaru alisuvudakkaguvudilla anthare. Hagidda mele mathe navu devarannu beduva avashakathe ideya. ?

    with regards


    1. meeraghu Says:

      This is just my interpretation. That is human nature. Doesn’t god know what we want, he definitely knows? Just like we as parents know what our kids needs are? However, when we are in pain, sick some trouble, there isn’t anything stopping us from asking God. However, I don’t like asking God for materialistic things. Good health, good nature, patience are some of the things we need to ask.

  13. mala Says:

    Thank you very much. Madam nanage eega almost 55 years. Nanage nenapiruvanthe, nanu devarannu yavathu, nanage aasti, aishwarya , vajra, vaidhoorya, pancha baksha paramanna kelarilla. Yradu hothu ootaa, manassige nemmadi. Yeradanne keliddu. Adaru, namma dodda magala maduveya bagge, devaru nannannu thumaa parikshe maduthiddane. Jataka torisidare, ishothige avalige maduve agi bidabekithu, Eeega avalige kankana bala ide, Gurudeshe ide anthare. She is already 26. Adare avalu maduveya bagge manasse maduthilla. I am not interested now annuthale. Yenu mada beku gothaguthilla. Nanage ee novannu hege thadedukollabeku, hege ee novininda ache barabeku gothaguthilla.

    Sorry, yako nanna novannu nimma jothe hanchikolla beku annistu. Thappagiddare please excuse me.

    with regards

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Have patience. 26 years is not old at all. Sit down with your daughter and have a talk. Ask her why she is not ready, and tell her it is bothering you. I don’t see why you are worrying so much. Marriages should be taken seriously, it is a life time responsibility. So, please don’t force her.
      Talk to her, and when the right time comes, things will fall into place.

  14. mala Says:


    Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I will sit with her and talk to her.

    with regards,

  15. Meera avare,

    Nimma blog odi tumba santosha agide… Obba madhwa brahmin aagi socialistic aagi iddukondu saha namma aacharagalna palisuvudakke santoshavaguttade… Dhayavittu divasi gauri haadina lyrics annu post maadi.. Adu tumba kadime pustakagalalli doreyuttade… Udaharanage sampradayada pustaka. … Aadare Hare Srinivasa antaha bhajane pustakagalalli adu doreyuvudilla.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Anjana Sudheendra

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Thanks for your wonderful comments. I will try to get the lyrics and post it.

  16. what is the difference between ‘ majjige huli’ and ‘ paLidya’ ? I like ‘paLIdya’ very much and would like to have its recipe if it is different from ‘majjige huli’. with best wishes,

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Both are same.

  17. Nirmala Says:

    Namasthe Meera. Can you please give me the website where I can find the lyrics to the nine gems of Purandara Dasa ( Navarathna maalika songs ) as sung by Kurudu Venkannachar. We would like to practise learning and singing for the Purandara Aradhana next year. Many Thanks.

    1. meeraghu Says:

      I have no clue. But will find and if I get it will post.

  18. Aruna Harish Says:

    This website is very much helpful for everyone, especially for Madhwas,

  19. S.Vyjayanthimala Says:


    Nanage, temple ge hogi Ganapathige pradakshina namaskara haka beku anta
    anniside. Adare Shivanige Somavara, Rayarige Guruvara hego hage Ganapathige kelavaru Ganapathige mangalavara shreshta andare kelavaru Budhavara shreshta annuthare. Nanu yavathu temple ge hogali ? Please help me.

    with regards,

    1. meeraghu Says:

      If you think it is Tuesday, please go on that day. However, if you go with sincere bhakthi/devotion, day doesn’t even matter.

  20. S.Vyjayanthimala Says:

    Thank you very much mam


  21. rani Says:

    when is Bhimana Amavase in 2015 please reply me

  22. Latha Ranganathan Says:

    What is the meaning of tholu tholu tholu ranga tholannadai….

  23. suviarshi Says:

    dear mam, i ve been following your blog since many years and is very informative… thanks a lot for such a wonderful blog . here is the link I ve come across , may be helpful to all readers..

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Thanks so much!

  24. Joshilasrinivas Says:

    Awesome recipes I tried Huli Kosambri & kadalle belle chutneys…..

    1. meeraghu Says:

      Glad to know.

  25. Joshila Says:

    Awesome posts

  26. Sridevi. S Says:

    R there any shlokas or mantras to be recited whem doing hostillu (threshold) puja.

  27. amarendrababu Says:

    i am suffering for money problem, i am given some money for others, recoved urgent,
    i have puja for nagendra swamy puja in 40days, that pooja procedure
    kindly give procesure, and rectify my problem

  28. lakshmi Says:

    Hello meera,
    I would like to know how to do aarthi for kids.with lamps or just kumkum water. during sankranti or someother time.thanks.lakshmi

  29. srimadhwa Says:

    hi mam,

    I would like to know whether females can do aavhana , and give argya padya .. to god while doing any pooja at home ??

  30. S.Vyjayanthimala Says:

    Dear Madam, Saamanya manushya aagi naavu jeevanadalli baruva yella sukha dhukkagalannu hage sweekarisi, anubhavisi balabeka athava sukha bandaga higgade, dukha bandaga kuggade stitaprangarante irabeka ? Yavudu sariyada marga ? Samsaradalliddukondu stitapragnaragirabeko athava yeradannu anubhavisabeko ? Please clarify.
    with regards

  31. vasantha Says:

    nice lyric i love it lot i agian agian listing song thnks this song giving sir …………

  32. Vinuta Says:


    My name is Vinuta, I stay in California.
    Please can you let me know the procedure to perform Vaibhav lakshmi pooja…

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