Gruhini – ಗೃಹಿಣಿ Cook Book By Hemalatha Parashuram

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.50.27 AMMr.G P Sudhakar had  left a comment here at the blog asking my home address. To quote him, he wrote to me “Hello Madam
Am visiting my son in DC and want to send you a book by my 80 year old mother. It is called gruhini and has been published for 30 yrs… might want to review the book or use some recipes if you find them interesting. Kindly send me your postal address by mail so that I can send a copy of the book.
Your writing helps a lot of people!
All the best

Mrs.Hemalatha Parashuram, is Mr.G P Sudhakar’s 80 year old mother. He sent me this book, and also a book on our beloved Rayaru.

The book can be purchased at the following publication in India:

Sahitya Bhandar


In America:



The book Gruhini – ಗೃಹಿಣಿ is written in Kannada. The book is divided into 9 sections or as we call in Kannada ಅಧ್ಯಾಯ.

The first section is about marriage and being a a home maker. This one lists all the items you for any social function we perform. For example what we need to bring for an engagement, what items to give for the bride, the groom, people who attend. A nice to have checklist. I am sure it will come very handy whether you are performing a thread ceremony for your son, engagement for your daughter, starting a new life with your spouse. Liked this section very much.

The second section is all about festivals. Not very detailed, but again gives you a list of all items you need to buy, how to arrange, for each and every important festival.

The third about making juices such as lemon, grape, tomato so on. Mainly focused on the oens which you drink before food.

Fourth section is all about food, mainly focused on lunch and dinner items such as soups, vegetables, sambar, rasam, chatni, sweet dishes. I haven’t tried any of them as of now, but will definitely post recipes as and when I prepare them.

Breakfast, evening snack, sweet and spicy dishes are covered in the 5th section.

Section 6 is again drinks and jams, and section 7 is international food such as breads, bun, muffin, cake, biscuits, ice cream and fruit salads. Interesting to try and find out how they turn. As you have seen, I am not a baker.

Section 8 is mostly health related tips and tricks.

And finally the last section is about how to stay happy. I skipped most of the food preparation pages and read these few pages. Couldn’t stop laughing reading a few stories about unhappy wives. The author does give a few nice tips and tricks to be happily married ever after. Only if men and women read this and actually work towards a happy married life.

As much time as I had skimming the book, it was interesting.

I would once again thank Mr.G P Sudhakar for sending me this book. Thanks, Sir and my Namaskaras to your Mother. Please convey to her my hearty congratulations for a great book she has shared with me and the community.

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  1. Very interesting.Is there any way of getting a copy of this book?


  2. Posted by vidya s sunder on June 17, 2015 at 4:50 am

    This is one of the best cookery books written by vegetarian kannadigas.


  3. Posted by Asha Madhusudhan on June 17, 2015 at 3:41 am

    Dear Madam,
    Thank you very much for sharing the message. I would like to see the Gruhani cook book. Please let me know how madam.


  4. Awesome i think it can be a Ideal gift as well


  5. Many Thanks for your review!


  6. Posted by sampath----Canada on June 16, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    Namo Sr Guru Sarvabhouma Sri Raghavendraya Namaha……..where we can buy this book …,,,


  7. Posted by vijayaa108 on June 16, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    It is so nice to receive your replies so promptly.
    Once again Dhanyavadah!


  8. Posted by vijayaa108 on June 16, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    What a lovely surprise gift!
    Do post some good recipes and also about staying happy.
    Namaskaram and Dhanyavadah!


  9. Posted by Sarveswara on June 16, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    Dear Madam, thanks for the information. will you please furnish the name of the publisher, the place where it is available and its price ?


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